Where it all started…


I want to start off with a little back story.

Since age 15 (14 years ago) I have always dealt with pain during my cycle. It wasn’t until one day I was lying in bed I had excruciating pain in my abdomen and I couldn’t figure it out. I felt cold but at the same time I felt hot. All I wanted was to curl up and be left alone. I called my parents to let them know what was going on, they came and took me to the hospital. I was taken into an exam room where all kinds of blood work, urine samples, CT scans and ultra sounds were performed. I was not ready for what they had to tell me. I had 4 ovarian cysts and the pain I was feeling was one rupturing.

Leaving the hospital I go home to rest and take the pain medicine proscribed to me. I then start Monday looking for an OBGYN. I started seeing my doctor and she discovered the same thing in her office as the hospital did so I figure okay well maybe it’s true.  Long story short she put me on birth control and I took that for 9 years to keep the cyst from developing, After doing routine ultra sounds every 6 months for 6 years the cyst had all gone away! I continue with my life as normal!

Fast forward to present day I married my amazing husband about a year ago (2/15/2015) and we are wanting to start a family, it’s been something we have talked about for 5 years prior. I go back to my doctor and tell her we want to get pregnant and I have stopped taking my birth control. She proceeds with her exam and without warning another shocking diagnoses is made. You have Endometriosis I’m in total shock, first because I have no idea what that is and second WHAT the heck  does that mean for our future family? My exam was over and I went about my life not thinking much about the diagnoses one because my doctor didn’t seem to concerned, it seemed to not be any big deal.

Being off Birth Control for 2 years the pain I was enduring was too much to handle. I started talking to a very good friend of mine about Endo (endometriosis)  and she told me about a friend of hers who had been dealing with this same disease and I should talk to her! Well I did and she referred me to an Endometriosis/fertility specialist. So our Journey beings.

My hope for this blog is to share my journey. To reach someone out there that may need that little glimpse of hope, who is on the verge of just giving up. I pray that you find what it is that you are longing for. People say it helps to talk it out that couldn’t be more true, it’s a way to relieve stress. Take that a step further and put your thoughts and emotions on paper. Document your life goals, experiences, fears anything that way you can show your kids or even your future husband or wife what you did on this day and how you felt.



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