IUI Appointment

We had a positive Ovulation surge ( 4/4/2016)

Today is the day 4/5/2016 Hubby and we drive to the doctor to have our first IUI done.

I am SOO nervous, anxious, excited, happy my emotions are running high and all over the place. I don’t know what to expect and I’m so glad my husband is by my side!

They take Matt to the back to give his sample.  We wait an hour for them to clean and wash his sample and then we’re up!!! The doctor said his levels were excellent!  We go into the room and I lay on my back legs all open wide again they get hubby’s sample and insert it into the catheter. The catheter is then inserted into my Uterus and held there for 1 minute, and let me tell you that felt like the LONGEST minute of my life. I then have to lay on my back for the next 15 minutes until we can leave.

tick. tock. tick. tock

15 minutes have passed and one more stop blood work is done to check all my hormone levels. Now we wait the dreaded 2 weeks to find out if it took!!!

I begin to track my symptoms and pain levels. The entire 2 weeks I felt bloated, cramps, moody, lots of discharge, thirsty, and loss of appetite. I obsessed with every little thing I felt. I would look up what people were feeling on 5dpiui ( 5 days post-IUI) and every day after that. I would call the doctor and ask if this or that was okay or normal. I feel that stressed me out even more.

4/12/2016 is my first blood work day after the IUI and this was to check my progesterone levels! We got a thumbs up on that!!

4/17/2016 negative home test
4/18/2016 negative home test
4/19/2016 negative home test, blood work results negative

The most devastating news we could get… We were not pregnant.
I started my cycle 4/21/2016 it was very light and spotty but heartbreaking, I kept holding on thinking well maybe the hormone just isn’t strong enough yet. But sure enough here comes full force not holding back Aunt flow.

4/24/2016- not a very good day for me. Had a whole lot of emotions and couldn’t figure them out which frustrated me so I would start crying. The tears just flowed the whole day. I was mad we didn’t get pregnant on the first try. I was sad I was putting my husband through all of this. The roller coaster of emotions was getting to me. I started to think am I crazy…is all this silly? Why am I getting upset?

I go back to the doctor 4/26/2016 to discuss further options.
He puts me on Clomid 100mg days 5-9 along with progesterone suppositories along with Estrogen and my prenatal. We decide we are going to try again!

4/28/2016- today was my first day for the 100mg Clomid and progesterone feeling good and ready to tackle the day! My mood is good and cramping from my cycle has gone away which is AMAZING!

4/29/2016- So as I sit here at work and reflect on my life and my day…I cannot be more happy and thankful for the people in my life. I just got the BEST surprise ever. My best friend brought her 1-month-old baby to see me at work!!! So awesome 🙂 Thought I’d share!




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