Time off

So we have decided we are going to take a few months off from the Fertility treatments. It may be 2 months it may be 3 months we are just going to go with the flow and see how things feel!

It has taken a toll on my emotions and just overall life enjoyment. The keeping tracking of cycle days, ovulation tests, being on a medication schedule, not being able to have a glass of wine have just exhausted me.  The news that our latest IUI didn’t work was heartbreaking. But I will say I think I took it better this go around than I did the first time it failed. I have started back at the gym, I’m tired of the weight gain I have experienced throughout this process. The weight gain wouldn’t be so bad if we had received the news we wanted!

The fact that I didn’t even ovulate is SUPER weird to me and makes NO sense considering the combination of Famara, Menopur Injections, and a Trigger shot!

We will see what the next few months bring us and go from there.

My mood hasn’t changed much; I’ve been very exhausted. I’m not just emotionally and mentally tired but physically I feel my body trying to recover and it’s taking it longer to get back to normal. I have started focusing my brain on doing things that make me happy!! Like crafting, DIY home projects to stay busy and this helped not only during the 2wsw but has helped me not think about anything.

Until next time…


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