Fresh Start!

Went to see a new doctor today for a third opinion.

First Impression, so super sweet and she actually showed more concern in my pain level than getting pregnant which is the #1 goal to figure out and fix.
So plan of attack
1. Chart my cycle, pain level for 2 months un-medicated, she wants to see if I even release an egg naturally without medication, because if I don’t release an egg naturally then we have a whole other issue other than just Endo.
2. Go back in after the 2 months and see what my body is naturally doing
3. Have the Surgery in January to remove the Endo
4. Recovery, start blood work, ultrasounds, exams, focus on getting pregnant

Some things she brought to light that I subconsciously already knew but wasn’t following is eating habits. I knew food affected the way your body performs, how you feel, and even your skin. She has asked me to be very mindful of what I eat.
Sugars, Fats, salt all cause inflammation, and people with endo inflammation is NOT good. By eating too many sugars, fats and salt it’s been causing the endo to become inflamed and spread like wildfire.

She wants me working out/exercising 5 times a week which should be no problem since I’m already doing 3 times a week.

Overall I feel it was a good first consultation and appointment I feel very optimistic and ready to work with her on this journey!

She also mentioned that the previous treatments we went through we could have done those till we were BLUE in the face and we still probably would have had the same result ever time with a negative pregnancy test. she goes about it that we have to treat the underlining cause of infertility which is the Endo.

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