5th Doctor

September 22

I went to see a new doctor, who happens to be my sister in laws OBGYN. She has always told me how much she likes her and how sweet, nice and attentive she is.

SIDE NOTE: Doctor wasn’t taking on any new patients until my SIL (sister-in-law) mentioned to Doc about all of the infertility issues we were having, all the doctors I have already been to and still no results. Well, the doctor decided to instead of referring me to someone else she would take on our case herself!

I sign in and sit and wait, didn’t wait very long to get into a room nor for the doctor to come in (which is so unheard of these days) HOLY cow they give you pink gowns to wear, of course, I snapped a picture. My love for pink is ridiculous.

the Doctor introduces herself she asks me what I’m wanting out of this appointment, pretty routine so far. I tell her well first off I want to be out of pain, secondly we would like to have children. At this point my dream of having three is out the window I want to focus on just being able to have one.

She says ok so when would you guys want to be pregnant, I say umm like yesterday sounds good!!! *giggles*
We proceed to the exam she gets me all up to date on my Pap smear, and the routine girlie appointment things. Of course, anyone who knows having Endo when you hear that clamp thing come out of the drawer you automatically want to cry because you just know that the next 3 minutes are going to be hell. I’m literally on the bed crying as she is doing the exam, all the while she is talking to me to help keep me calm and to assure me it’s almost over.

EXAM is over!!!!! We continue to talk and develop a plan, I like plans.
She asks me if I have ever heard of the medication called Lupron? I said, as a matter of fact, one of the Facebook groups I follow on Endo someone was just asking questions about Lupron, I asked her what exactly does it do? She said well since you want to get pregnant I can’t put you on Birth Control (in my mind thank goodness) so Lupron basically kills the Endo that is already there, doesn’t prevent new growth but will kill off the existing Endo. She did mention wanting to do surgery at some point to see how bad it is, and also to see my cyst. At this time she will extract as much as she can. We schedule an ultrasound so she can see what everything is looking like. She has also requested all my history from our previous Fertility doc so look over.

She mentioned testing for PCOS as well.

That’s where we are now! I’ll update once I received an update on the ultrasound.


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