2018 Here we come!

We went to Houston Fertility Institue

Our next step is Matt needs to do a semen analysis. She already saw his other records from our previous IUI’s so she knows his count and everything is good she wants to make sure they look good.

I will have an HSG/HSC exam where I’m put to sleep and she is able to move my uterus around to see if there is any scaring from the endo, she will also be able to look at my tubes and if they are blocked be able to unblock them. This will be my second HSG Exam the first one i was awake and it’s wasn’t as throughough as the one she is wanting to do.

After looking at my records from our previous Fertility Doc. She did say getting pregnant naturally is highly unlikely considering the sever endo, and the fact that my uterus lining is too thin. Which means I don’t ovulate enough. Also mentioned the main reason our IUI’s didn’t work is that my uterus lining being so thin and the PCOS with Endo is killing off the eggs and sperm and not allowing them to mingle and connect.

I have to call on my first day of my next cycle, 3 days after that we will schedule an appiontment where she will take blood work and do some ultra sounds

So more test!

She said she is a very aggressive doc on treatment, at this point best bet is IVF

2018 is going to be called #optomistic2018

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