Shit just got real!

Shit just got real, it all seemed so far away back in December but now I have a surgery date scheduled for March 1, 2018, and it all feels so surreal. I’m a little nervous, excited, scared, unsure. It’s just crazy to have waited for this kind of reassurance for so long.

Having been through countless Doctor appointments, multiple medications, 15 years worth of Brith Control just to help tame the pain, Ibuprofen 800mg, smoking weed, taking hot ass baths, to now finally getting this horrible disease that has wreaked havoc on my lady parts for so many years taken out!!! YAAAAA now we all know this won’t “cure” anything I will more than likely down the road have to have another surgery! BUT at least now once I’m healed of course we will be able to FINALLY begin the process of IVF and stay very hopeful bring a beautiful baby into this world in 2019!! Just thinking that that and writing it just is crazy!

She will go in through my cervix with a small scope to look around at my tubes, lining, and if at that time she finds any Endometriosis she will remove it along with any polyps, cyst, and anything else she might find that shouldn’t be there.

We are still in need of financial help to lessen the burden on our bank account so I have put our go fund me link below! Thank you again!

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