Hysteroscopy Update!

A Quick update!!! I want to thank the best support system ever my best Friend Suzette, My mom and of course my amazing husband for being there with me, Hysteroscopy surgery went well! She scraped a lot of scar tissue out and removed some polyps not sure how many. They gave me a shot for pain along with some medication. I’m feeling ok we got home yesterday and I slept till 6:30pm not been very hungry, the pain comes and goes my legs are sore from being in birthing position for so long, feeling some pressure and bloating a little uncomfortable. We go for a checkup in 7-10 days to be sure everything healed properly and everything is looking good. That’s when she will show us the pictures from the surgery. After that appointment we should be getting our IVF schedule she said we are still good to move forward! Thank you so much, everyone, for the prayers and thoughts! The days have been a blur so bare with me on remembering things.

Below is the more detailed update!

Thursday morning woke up and hung out with Mom and Matt took Blu for a walk which was nice to get out and move around, then showered. We left around 10:30am to get to the Surgery center where my BEST friend was waiting for us seeing her was very comforting.


We walk in and get all the paperwork done and wait to be called in. Not more than 20 minutes later I’m walking in stripping down, giving a pee sample, having an IV put in. While sitting in the room waiting for the procedure to begin they let Matt come and sit with me to keep me company! I can’t even tell you how long we sat there it felt like forever I’m sure it probably was only 30 minutes but who knows. I waddle my way into the operation room with my robe wide open for the world to see my booty and the blanket falling all over the place.


Give Matt a kiss and get up on the table, everything was SO fast they put my arms in restraints.  I felt like I was going on one of those beds you see executions done on, you know where they strap you down arms out like Jesus on the cross. All I remember is the nurse putting my legs up in the birthing positions and the next thing I knew I felt my eyes closing. From what the Doctor said everything went well. I remember waking up feeling very groggy and the nurse asking me if I wanted crackers? Water? Sprite? I chose crackers and Sprite! To my surprise, they were animal crackers!!! Suzettes Favorite so I saved her some 🙂  I opened my eyes a little more and saw Matt standing there! Got to say that was the most comforting feeling EVER! Doctor Bello comes in to talk to us and see how I’m doing tells me she removed polyps and lots of scar tissue which I didn’t know I had, how does that even happen? she said we will talk later at my check-up appointment, immediately Matt asks are we still clear for IVF? Dr. Bello said absolutely she is all clean and ready to go!  Bleeding along with cramping will last a few days which I’m going on day 4 of bleeding and cramping  Follow up in 7-10 days to be sure everything has healed. Matt got Pho for dinner, then I had a super special flower delivery from my good friend in New York! Of course, a little Harry Potter watching!

We wait a little while longer for me to wake up and I’m ready to go home. Matt takes me home and gets me all snuggled in bed. Mom stays home with me while he goes to pick up my prescription, he asked me if I wanted anything I said YES, Gardetto’s and sour patch kids Thanks, I love you! The next few days I’m mostly in bed I take the pain medication as directed! Saturday comes around and I have stopped the pain medication to see where my pain is without it.  We went to Matt’s cousin’s baby shower for about an hour until I just couldn’t sit up straight any longer. Sitting up straight for long periods of time for me has to be the most uncomfortable position. The weekend was a very nice low key time, Matt did lawn work I slept I till 9:30am every morning felt nice to be snuggled in bed and feeling no pain. It’s not until I begin to move around I start to feel more cramping.

Monday I stay home from work and try to move around more to get my body used to using the muscles again and blood circulation. I know some people will say oh it was just a Hysteroscopy no big deal I went back the next day. Everyone is different, pain tolerances are different. If you’re going to have a Hysteroscopy done don’t judge and base the way you are going to feel going into it, recovery, pain management on anyone else experience and think yours will be just the same because it won’t be. I asked so many people about their experiences and what to expect thoughts, things to know which were ALL very helpful but you never know until you are going through it.

Tuesday TODAY 3/6/2018: I’m back at work not feeling the greatest powering through it, again the sitting up straight doesn’t feel so great. Only working a half a day so I don’t overdo it. Still bleeding, the cramping is still there I think my body is a little fatigued from not doing much all weekend to jumping back into work. Over the weekend I moved a little more each day so I would keep circulation!

Our next appointment will be my checkup and hopefully our IVF schedule!

As always Thank you everyone for the love, support and prayers.

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