Retrieval Day & Cryo Report

Day 14- 4/14/2018-

Also happens to be Matt Mewmaw’s Birthday!! I missed out on all the fun

Retrieval DAY!!!!!!!
EVERYONE loved my socks!!!
We wake up at 5:00am to get ready to go, we leave around 5:45am to be there by 6:30am. We get there and all checked in, we did our sample at home and brought it in, literally within 10 minutes of being there I  was being prepped to go in! IV is in and they are waiting for the doctor to finish the person before us. The anesthesiologist comes in first goes over what she’s going to be doing if I have any concerns, I tell her I get nauseous after anesthesia so they give me Zofran under my tongue to help with that along with something else through my IV.

Our nurse comes in to talk to us, asks me in my own words what is being done today? I say egg Retrieval! Doctor comes in to go over the process of the retrieval did you know it only takes him 4-5 minutes to complete *CRAZY* I’m walked to the room and helped up on the bed, I remember having the anesthesiologist telling me to take 2 deep breaths of the Oxygen then I felt a horrible sting/burn in my wrist it was when she was putting the medicine in that puts you to sleep it literally felt like my wrist was broken. I told her and she said well don’t worry in a few minutes you won’t feel it, I said ya cause I’ll be asleep she giggled and I was out!!  The procedure went well ( says the doctor) He retrieved 10 eggs out of the 16 follicles I had and we got the call Sunday that 4 out of the 10 fertilized successfully, we will receive a call on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th with how many of those 4 made it to Blastocyst to freeze.

Recovery has been pretty easy so far, I’m still feeling pain in my back as of today 4/17/2018, I’m VERY bloated which she said would happen. You can go from not looking pregnant to looking 6 months pregnant and holy COW she was NOT kidding! My best friend and cousin said well at least you know the bump will look cute on you!

I slept all day took my pain medicine and rested! One of our super sweet friends came over to see how I was feeling and to hang out with Matt since he didn’t want to leave me in case I needed something. Sunday I did the same thing, was up and about a little bit more but mostly in bed. Matt had some of his friends over to watch the games, and play some darts to hang out!


Blu laying in bed with me to keep me company!

Once I start my period I will call the office and three days after that I will start my Estrogen patches and other meds to prepare my body for a pregnancy!
So super excited! We are praying that all 4 of our little babies make it to day 6 freeze. I’m a little worried that we won’t have many options on how many we can implant, or how many tries we can do. BUT ‘m trying to stay positive!  I will update when I have anything to update! Here are a few pictures from the weekend!

Update 4/19/2018:
Just received the call from the embryologist and 2 are growing much slower than they would like and the other 2 are progressing just not a fast as they would like. We will get a call tomorrow Day 6 letting us know the progression. If they see progression tomorrow They will take them to Day 7 for further development so they are ready to freeze. To say I’m freaking out is an understatement. this is the closest Matt and I’s genes have come to creating a baby ever. Praying they make it, it only takes 1!!!

Update 4/20/2018:
We received the call !!!!! Embryologist confirmed we had embryos that made it to Cryopreservation. Which means we have 2 that made it to Freeze!!!! I immediately called Matt and literally started crying when I told him we have 2 babies that made it!!!! His voice and reaction over the phone was just amazing i will never forget it. We are so very happy and cannot wait to meet our little ones one day. Going through infertility I feel has brought the two of us closer together, the compassion and a much fuller understanding of each other’s emotions and feelings. It’s just an up and down journey that you learn along the way to rejoice and be glad for those happy up moments!

Everyone has been asking what our next steps are, well we wait for my cycle to start than 3 days later we will begin on Estrogen, Progesterone and another medication to prepare my body to accept the embryo(s),  wait 2 weeks and go in for our first HCG beta test to see where we are at. We have a few questions we have asked our doctor, what her opinion is for best chances of success. Do we transfer 1 or 2, should I have a laparoscopic to remove the endo prior to transfer, are there things I need to be doing now to better the chances such as diet and exercise? We are waiting on those answers at the moment!

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