Baseline leading up to Transfer

4/26/2018 Thursday
Well, today I went in for my baseline ultrasound and bloodwork it’s so hard to believe something we have been waiting for, for so long is RIGHT around the corner, I may be jumping up and down like a little girl who just got a new barbie!!! This is just the beginning of getting that embryo in my belly!! Today I began my Estrace pills 3x a day under the tongue, along with my Estrogen patches that I change every 3 days on my tummy! I’m also still taking my Folic acid 3x a day, Tumeric 3x a day and biotin and prenatal!

Blood Work
Estradiol: 41.69 pg/ml
FSH: 6.83mIU/ml
HCG Beta: <0.100mIU/ml
Progesterone: 0.360 ng/ml
LH: 2.56 mIU/ml

Left Ovary: 18.4mm, 7.6mm
Right Ovary: 17.7mm, 15.88mm, 9.7mm, 14.0mm, 10.5mm
Endo Thickness: 3.99

4/29/2018: Sunday
Matt and I were able to spend some time with our new, niece! Stella, she is just so precious and sweet! Seeing Matt holding her so careful and loving her, looking at her with so much love and awe was SO heartwarming. He is going to be an amazing Dad I cannot wait to watch him become our kids best friend! He truly is a nurturing person who cares about others before himself!


We have been hanging out in the garage since it’s been such nice weather, we call it the calm before the humidity!!! Blu hanging out with us, darts have been our choice of game, you know I have never actually played a game of darts! It has been such an awesome bonding experience between Matt and me, he has taught me a lot. Didn’t realize how much goes into it! Anyhow it’s a good thing, I’m not a sore loser HAHA I don’t think I’ve won a game yet. We plan to be the next husband and wife championship team!!

5/1/2018 Tuesday 
Progesterone meds came in today!!! These will start sometime next week based on my levels.

5/2/2018 Wednesday
Today we determine which day we will do our transfer on, Dr. said my lining looks AMAZING!!! She measured out where she will put the Embryo!  I’m feeling good for the most part. I’m not sure if it’s the meds but I am a little more tired feeling, Body feels good, my mood hasn’t seemed to change, either way, other than I feel happy and excited!

We are projected to start Progesterone injections in a week! A little worried about them as everyone I have talked to says they SUCK and hurt SO BAD since they are in oil it’s such a thick shot. We shall see how that journey goes.  The egg retrieval removes cells that would naturally create progesterone after ovulation, Taking progesterone is needed to help thicken the uterine lining and prepare the body to support an embryo so it can successfully implant and grow. The Estrogen supplement is to help with your placenta function, it boosts blood flow in the uterus and preps your body for breastfeeding.

Estradiol: 593.4 pg/ml
LH: 13.66mIU/ml
Progesterone: 0.855ng/ml

Right Ovary: 16.7mm, 15.8mm, 8.0mm
Left Ovary: 7.74mm

5/4/2018 Friday
All I can say is as of lately I’ve felt more tired and dragging a bit, Thank goodness for my Arbonne Fizz sticks to give me clean energy! Other than fatigue I have not really felt any different, obviously more emotional and sensitive but that is to be expected!  I’m looking forward to the weekend, Matts going to the beach house with his dad to fish and I’m staying home to visit with family in town, get some Baby Stella snuggles and clean the house!

I just want to say for anyone who finds this blog going through IVF or infertility, boy is it a journey but even if our outcome is that we cannot have natural biological children at the end of the day I know we are not alone, our story is just as unique and beautiful as anyone else.

I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to go through IVF as it’s such a humbling experience, the people I have met along the way has been more than I could ask for. The Support alone is out of this world, no matter the reason your on this journey it’s a beautiful one. Throughout our journey, I have learned that no matter if it’s a good moment or a bad moment to find the good regardless of how it makes us feel. My dad has been such an incredible influence on my mind and emotional health, I don’t know what I would do without him going through our IVF cycle. He has always been the voice of reason in my life, I can count on him when I’m thinking irrational and he’ll bring me back down to reasonable thinking!

Estradiol: 480.6pg/ml
LH: 17.67mIU/ml
Progesterone: 0.280ng/ml

Right Ovary:  19.4mm, 12.3mm, 14.3mm
Endo Lining: 7.74

Sunday 5/6/2018
Today we start Progesterone Injections EEEEEEEEEEEKKKK

We had such a great weekend! Matt and his dad caught some nice fish this weekend, He was supposes to go on his company fishing tournament this coming weekend 5/10-5/13 BUT…. we are scheduled for our transfer Friday May 11, 2018!

I deep cleaned the house all weekend while Matt was gone, like literally mopped the floors, washed all the sheets, clothes, remopped the floors, vacuumed and re-vacuumed because if you know Blu and his shedding he leaves a trail where ever he goes, (eye roll) Cleaned the bathrooms like SUPER clean my mom called it Pre-nesting lol!

Prepared a few dinners, popped them in the freezer to make it easier this coming weekend during bed rest.

Nothing sexier than crunched up sitting on the bathroom floor with your pants to your knees, with a heating pad on your ass to warm up the injection site, while loading a syringe of progesterone in oil, holding it under your armpit to warm up the shot to HOPEFULLY thin the oil to make it not feel as thick, then once the injection is done you sit back on the bathroom floor with the heating pad massaging your ass!!!

Made some onesies for an order! Look how adorable these are for the crawfish season!
If you’re interested in anything let me know @bludesignsandco on Etsy! This business is a way that has helped me coup with having to go through this journey and also it has helped pay for this journey not in full ( I wish). But it is SO much fun doing this for people and hearing everyone stories, doing the IVF onesies are obviously dear to my heart! IMG_0210

Here is what my daily routine of meds looks like!
Estrogen ( white pills) 3x day under the tongue, Tumeric ( yellow) 3x a day Folic Acid ( pink) 2 times a day Prenatal Vitamin ( blue) once a day, 2ML Progesterone in sesame oil 1x daily in the butt muscle! About the shots, so what we did was heating pad the area while Matt held the syringe under his armpit to warm it up gave the shot massaged the area and heating pad after, then a hot bath.

Blu and I hung out all weekend together, got a bath watched the squirrels

Overall it was nice, I will admit I’m anxious, nervous just ready for this! I told Matt “babe, we will walk in there not pregnant, and leave PREGNANT”

Can we talk about the feeling in your ass/back after the progesterone injections…. it literally feels like a damn horse kicked you in the back. It’s like a sore muscle pain that WON’T go away. I will say this, my right side hurts more than the left, I’m sure it has to do with my hip issues from my Endo on my right hip. I have been taking a bath 30 minutes or so after my injection and massaging the areas so help with knotting.

Next post will be our transfer!!!! I cannot wait

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