Transfer Day is here!!!

Well, guys, the DAY has come!!!

Friday 5/11/2018
Woke up took a shower ate some breakfast grabbed my water and ibuprofen and we are on our way! the car ride was pretty silent as we both knew we were walking in not pregnant and would be walking our technically pregnant. Also known as PUPO ( Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise)

We called into the room to change undress from the bottom down, hair net, socks and booties on. Matt had to wear a jumpsuit with a hairnet and booties as well. Of course,
I had my custom socks on!!! The nurses LOVED them, I get my vitals done, blood pressure was a little high, I was SO nervous we had NO idea what to expect. they weren’t too concerned as it’s to be expected.



Our nurse came in the room asked how my bladder was feeling I told her pretty full, so she informed Dr. Bello!
Dr. Bello came in and asked how I was feeling, told her good excited ready to get this baby in me!! I showed her where Matt is giving my progesterone injections to confirm we were doing them in the right spot, we had one that was a little low but she said we are good! I was told to take the ibuprofen and when we got home to take an additional progesterone injection. WHYYYYY.

Dr. Bello shows us the first picture of our baby!! she said it’s growing!!!
I’m already in love with this little person. Placenta looks good, and on the grading scale is a Fair egg! It goes Good, Fair, Poor so we are 50/50!

We walk into the room wrapped in a blanket, I crawl up on the bed. I’m then draped with a warm blanket on each leg then strapped into the stirrup. Everyone is introduced to us, Ultrasound tech, Nurse, Embryologist. This is when for me it all became surreal like, HOLY COW we are really doing this, I’m about to have our baby put inside of me. In case you’re wondering it’s not rainbows and sunshine, I’ve got all my goodies out, Dr. goes in with the Speculum so she can see my cervix, She then proceeds to “clean” me out. NOW skip a few lines if you don’t want to hear about this part… the nurse said “oh it’ll be no big deal, it won’t hurt” WOOOOOOWZZZAAAA who put 10 million needles in my vagina at one time??? The Speculum on its own hurts like HELL for me due to my Endometriosis, BUT swabbing, wiping whatever the heck you want to call it, So we start the cleaning process it’s nice to have a fun and comedic Dr. like ours because she helped with the time. We get all the mucus cleaned out she said man usually I only need 1 Q-tip I’ve used already 10 on you ahhhh.

Ok it’s safe

Ok, we get that all cleared up she as the ultrasound going and says…uh is that fluid in her uterus? to the ultrasound tech, he said umm that’s what that looks like, at this point, I’m starting to feel like this isn’t a good thing, I grab Matts hand and just start praying. She then pages another doctor for a second opinion. While we are waiting for the other doctor to come in my bladder is filling up more and more which is helping them see things better, Dr. Bello and the Tech continue to look and examine the area and all around, they finally feel comfortable that it is not in fact fluid in my uterus phew. this whole time mind you I’ve spread eagle good thing I had my socks and blankets.

We get cleared to continue with the transfer our doctor inserts the catheter I start to cramp which I feel is normal then here comes the embryologist with our baby! She counts 4-3-2-1 takes it out and they check the catheter is clear. From the other room “ALL CLEAR”


I get transferred to another bed and wheeled into a recovery room where they give us our discharge papers and all my restrictions.
Bed rest for 5 days, no lifting anything over 10lbs for a week, no spicy foods, nothing hot on my stomach like phone, computer, tablet, only getting up to pee and take a shower, a lukewarm shower can’t be steamy, no baths, or heating pads, no vacuuming, cleaning or dishes!!!

Saturday 5/12/2018
Today is the first “full” day of bed rest
Matt got up fed Blu and did yard work as I watched him and the birds from our bedroom window. it was nice to be able to look outside. my mom came to visit for a little bit ate lunch and talked! Matt set up our air mattress for me in the living room so I didn’t have to be alone in the bedroom.

Blu was such an awesome snuggle buddy!IMG_0311

I watched Harry Potter and relaxed mostly.
My cousin Dana sent me a few B-day gifts early so I opened them and OMG is all I need to say along with Harry Potter wand make-up brushes! I needed a pick me up and this was PERFECT!!! plus my feet were cold. IMG_0368
Sunday 5/13/2018
Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!!!

I was moved into the living for the whole day while we had Matt’s Mom and Dad, Sister, Brother in law and new baby Stella come to visit and hang out. Those snuggles were SOOOOO needed. Blu was able to sniff out his new cousin! she’s so sweet and adorable, loved watching her make all her sweet silly faces!


Stacey and Chad brought me some none alcoholic champagne it was actually really tasty!

Monday 5/14/2018:
Let’s just say when they say bed rest for 5 days you think oh that won’t be too bad…uh by today I was like come on hurry up I want to go outside and hang out and do things for my self.
Matt stayed home with me today he worked in the garage and ran a few errands he was a little stir crazy also. The shots are getting more and more painful, the knots are building and it’s getting harder to move around without them hurting, no longer is any position in bed comfortable. My back is like on fire. SMall sacrifice for a great reward!! Fingers still crossed.

Tuesday 5/15/2018:
YAAAAAAA last day of bed rest!!!

Matt had to go back to work so my mom came over after her doctor appointment to bring me lunch and hang out. Blu and I slept most of the day. I feel I needed that, it’s weird to think I’m so tired but yet that’s all I’ve been doing.

Wednesday 5/16/2018:
First day back to work…enough said.

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