Follow up after our failed FET

Wednesday 6/6/2018-
Well, we met with our doctor today to go over our transfer and options we have moving forward.

We went over the transfer its self, it was a clean transfer,  what they call “Textbook”. Our baby was a good fair embryo which she has seen MANY successful pregnancies with this grade of embryo. We went over my lab’s progesterone, estrogen, uterus lining, all of these things look perfect from start to finish.

While there is no real reason we and the doctor can figure out why this transfer failed, she mentioned considering I was slow to respond to the stimulation medication, my follicles were slow growing and our embryos were slow growing, just because my AMH (egg supply) level is good doesn’t mean my eggs are of good quality. the last time we did this was November 2016 and it was at a 7.36. Our Doctor believes Matts low morphology percent was not the reasoning for the slow growth in the embryos, it has more to do with me than anything.

I asked her if we could do a Factor 5 panel: which if your not familiar is called a Female Miscarriage Panel includes blood clotting issues, chromosomal abnormalities and much more. This panel will give the doctors a very good idea as to what is actually going on with my baby making and overall. This blood panel would be 32 vials and if it’s not covered by my insurance will cost us $1,100.00. *fingers crossed*

We went over the options, do another transfer, OR see if qualify to be in a case studio. I’ll go through each option below.

Doing another transfer same way as before but possibly adding Heparin for the blood thinner.  she will put me on the blood thinner regardless if we do the blood panel or not for precautionary measure. With this, we will just hope and pray it takes considering it’s our last embryo. Cost for the transfer is $3,900 not including medication.

If we qualify for the case studio we would end up going through a whole entire round of IVF again from start to finish. Which would mean stimulation shots, monitoring, egg retrieval, fertilization, embryo cryopreservation and a transfer, the case study is testing a new form of progesterone, instead of the injections, it would be something similar to the Nuvaring birth control. This option would give us the opportunity to hopefully get more embryos so we are able to have more transfers done in the future.

My AMH results came back
November 2016 : 7.36 ng/mL
June 7 2018: 3.91 ng/mL

We will find out if we were accepted in a couple weeks. All preliminary findings look good. Keeping our FINGERS crossed!






2 thoughts on “Follow up after our failed FET

  1. 💜so much love to you both! I wish I (we ) could help more. We are praying for health happiness for you (All). Love you!


  2. I’m sending my energy to you Little Bit!! Please keep adoption in mind – so many babies needing a forever home 💕👶🏻


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