Still waiting…

Received a call today, to sit tight!! As of right now we and HFI are waiting for the Pharmaceutical company to basically say ” ok start” We have been given some peace of mind that we are 1 of the 10 people who have made it through the first phase of qualification. They do not foresee any reason based on my previous scans that we won’t be completely qualified after the study does their own physical, bloodwork and pelvic ultrasound scans.

So in the meantime, we wait and enjoy the time we have before shots, appointments, day counting, worry and stress begin again. We enjoyed a nice few days off at the beach house for the 4th of July. We have been building shelves for our home and staying busy and off the couch!

While we wait we do ask that if anyone can help to please do so, any amount is appreciated and will help us to pay down the debt we have from IVF.

Something I wrote during my last pain episode:
Pain so bad makes you throw up
Pain so bad your legs are numb and achy
Pain so bad you do everything in your power to get through another day
Pain so bad all you want to do is curl up in a tight ball
Pain so bad you would never wish any other girl/women feel it
Pain so bad you think about a hysterectomy before ever having your own child
Pain so bad you just want the day to be over
Pain so bad nothing helps no heating pad, or drug the doc can give you helps
Pain so bad you miss out on everyday fun
Pain so bad your loved ones don’t know what they can do to help, because all they can do is watch you suffer and hold you tight

I am 1 in 10 living with Endometriosis as well as with PCOS.

Thank you again so very much to everyone, for the support and love we continue to receive.  Here is the link to our Go Fund me page.

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