Case Study Details

Friday, July 20th we received a call asking us which appointment time and date would work for us to come in for our consultation and to sign consent forms to be in the study!!!

We are “technically” in the study

We will meet with the Doctor and the Financial counselor on August 8th to go over the details of the study, answer any questions we may have.

We will start Stimulation tentatively in September after my August Menstrual cycle.

I will give an update after our appointment.

The case study is testing out a new delivery method for Progesterone. it’s to get this delivery method FDA approved we will be 1 of the first couples to test this product. I’m excited to be a part of something like this, as the Progesterone injections are KILLER. Still, I have pain, itchiness, soreness, and numbness from the injections.  So don’t ever say anything when it looks like I’m scratching my ass haha.

Thank you again for everyone support and love it is so much appreciated.

We can always use donations to help build our family

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