Oh..the disappointment


After many nights of crying, praying, thinking, contemplating whether or not to do this case study or to even move forward with IVF altogether. We finally came to terms with we would be doing our selves a disservice to not do the case study and we were ALL IN!

I went in and had my prenatal labs done all hormone levels came back within normal range, with the exception of my prolactin level, it was elevated due to the night before we had a serious heart to heart talk regarding do or not to do the study. My level was elevated to 34.9 which is high.  As I mentioned in a previous post this can only be due to 3 things, Pregnant, Breastfeeding and stress.

I went back in had my prenatal labs retested but was fasting and had a stressfree weekend prior to going in! My level dropped to 16.4 which made us very hopeful and was told we were ready to move forward when my October period started.

With ALL of this being said the sponsor of the study is not accepting my second lower prolactin level for the study which has now disqualified us to be in the study altogether.

Our team of Doctors and nurses went to bat for us telling them this was just a one-off situation and presented them the facts of all my previous blood work that shows I have never been elevated on any hormone. They brought out my chart from the beginning of this in 2016 to show the study sponsor this was just a one-off situation and that I had never had elevated labs, they still wouldn’t budge on allowing us to stay in the study.

Our nurse mentioned 2 other studies coming up that she will be training on within the next few weeks that is going over a new method of administering Menopur, we are #1 on her list to call when it opens. which will mean another waiting period, waiting for the sponsor to open the study, another consultation, another set of blood work and ultrasound appointments, physical. We will be starting the process all over again.

The stress and emotions that infertility puts on you, and your relationship are so up and down and hard. You go from Happy to disappoint to accepting the disappointment to happy to then being disappointed and crushed.  This whole process is exhausting.

I’m not sure where our minds are at, at the moment please keep us in your thoughts and prayers in the months to come.



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