A Whole new apprieciation

Since going through our first full IVF cycle, I have such a new found appreciation for Surrogates. They “loan” their bodies to us women who are unable to carry our own child, they give up their bodies, time, emotions and overall life in a sense to help women who can’t physically do it.

I have a very close friend who has done multiple surrogates for families. I sat down with her over dinner one night and asked her why she decided to do this, what type of person would want to be pregnant for someone else?

Her response was a simple as “my pregnancy with  *her daughter* ( I will leave all parties nameless) was just so easy I figured why not do this for others who are unable”

These women volunteer to be put through the hormones, the injections, the doctor appointments even traveling at times to meet with the families and at times also suffer the miscarriage. They become part of your family. FOR US!
You see most people myself included prior to IVF didn’t realize what all surrogates actually go through. They have to go through the same process as women who are going through IVF themselves. It’s not as simple as put an embryo in another woman’s uterus. It’s so much more than that, The biological mother had to go through IVF, stimulation and egg retrieval before she was ready to implant into the surrogate all the while the surrogate is also on hormone preparing her body to accept the embryo.  Then the surrogate continues caring for that embryo with the same process as if the biological mother was carrying the baby. It’s incredible, the science behind IVF is mind-blowing to me. How Doctors/ scientist have figured this out.

To me, that is just incredible, this new appreciation hit me as I went through our PIO (progesterone in oil) injections I would text this friend and give her updates on how I was feeling with them and that the first one wasn’t so bad. She then texts back ” I’ll check back with you in a week then tell me how your feeling” at first I was thinking oh this is going to be a piece of cake then sure enough not even a week later I was feeling those injections like crazy. The oil just balls up and creates knots and they hurt and itch all the time.

SO I just want to give a SUPER shout out to all those Surrogate mommas out there!! We love you, respect you and cherish you for the sacrifices you make for US!


*Photo credit: AaronHuniuPhotography https://info.worldwidesurrogacy.org/blog/capture-the-moment-maternity-photoshoot-ideas-for-surrogacy*

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