God is good!

I’m sure you guys know by now we, we kicked out of the last case study due to a stress-induced elevated prolactin level…We grieved the loss of hope. But quickly were over it, because we were presented with another case study opportunity!!! We waited patiently for the news and YESTERDAY IT CAME!!!!!! If you haven’t read our blog about how we got the boot you can check it out here! Oh..the disappointment

When God does what he does best and continues to show us he loves us and to trust in him.

So we obviously qualify.

It’s testing a new medication to get FDA Approved it’s similar to the Gonal-F Stimulation medication (I have taken this medication before) preloaded medication. Follicle stimulation

This is a double-blind and random study: meaning, we have a 1 in 10 chances of receiving the placebo. Others will receive the actual medication.

The nurses, sponsor, Doctor, and a patient will not know who gets the placebo versus the medication.

If you receive the placebo If after the eight days on the medication and they see no progress in follicle growth they will take me off everything and will be out of that study.

OR have an unsuccessful IVF cycle (<3eggs retrieved) the sponsor will fund a subsequent IVF cycle with standard medication.

BUT the sponsor will then PAY for a full complete round of IVF including meds, appointments and transfer and will do as many transfers as is it takes until I’m pregnant within a year of beginning the study.

If we don’t become pregnant with the first transfer the sponsor will initiate a subsequent FET cycle within a year of stimulation starts. This is HUGE they will pay for each transfer for a year until pregnancy is achieved!!!!!!!!

They are also allowing us to decide on a fresh transfer or a frozen transfer.

As I was talking to my dad about this new exciting opportunity we have been chosen to be a part of, it feels SO amazing knowing we will be apart of medical history. Who knows maybe our infertility case is a case “they” are trying to figure out. Who knows maybe this will help someone later down the line. think about it, every medication that is FDA approved someone had to go through some sort of case study for them to gather the information needed to put it on the market.


2 thoughts on “God is good!

  1. I am so excited for you two. Congrats and I will continue to pray that you become a mommy with this go around. Keep your head up and GOD is good for sure. 🙂

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