RITA study has begun

First off we hope EVERYONE had a wonderful Christmas and  New Year!!

Over the Christmas break, I ended up with a stomach bug or something which was not fun. Started feeling bad Sunday 23rd. But powered through it. We went to see my grandmother in the nursing home, then to visit my grandfathers grave site sang take me out the ball game and silent night along with an Our Father prayer. From there we headed to my Aunts where we all hung out, ate dinner and had an awesome time!

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Matt and I stayed home together and cooked dinner watched Christmas movies together! I rested most of the day while Matt was at work.

We went over to Matt’s sister’s house for Family dinner. I was finally feeling 100% glad it was over with. We spent lots of time with our Niece Stella on her First Christmas!!! Had an awesome dinner and just a good time playing games!

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12/30/2018- started seeing some spotting which of course made me SUPER happy! Just meant we are that much closer to the beginning.
I hosted a Wedding shower at the house for one of my dearest friends and had an absolute blast!

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12/31/2018- Full on cycle., Called my nurse to let her know, we will go in on Wednesday.

We had Matts parents over for New Year’s day dinner!
I cooked some black eye peas, Mary Ann ( MIL) Made her yummy cabbage and onions. Matt and his dad Made chicken leg quarters!  We played Jenga and darts And just had a good time hanging out!

We had all the lucky foods: Peas for pennies
Cabbage ( green) for Dollars
a piece of cornbread gold
Pork in the peas for Progress for the coming year
Pomegranates for fertility and life and abundance
Round Creampuffs to make the circle complete of good luck!

Wednesday 1/2/2019
Matt and I went in this morning for bloodwork and Ultrasound.
Went to breakfast while we waited for my blood work and ultrasound to be processed and for us to be randomized into the system.

Ate breakfast at House of Pies!!! Matt had never been there. Reminds me of an old diner love that place.

Went back to the doctor office to receive our medication!
The first injection went well no issues!


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