ERA, Labs and what’s next

Well everyone we Received the bad news of the 3rd failed transfer. If you have not read that blog yet here is a link to it

We returned to the clinic on Wednesday May 29th!! Which just happened to my Birthday!!!

We talked with the doctor and are all on the same page. the plan is we will do an ERA!

ERA: ( Endometrium Receptive Analysis) testing to determine the best implantation window. This is a mock Transfer cycle.
Using a small sample of the endometrial tissue the test can establish the best day for transfer. The biopsy is simple and will be done in the office.
The ERA will determine if the endometrium is receptive or not at the time of sampling by analyzing 248 genes.

We also went ahead and did the Lupus Anticoagulant Panel which tests for any blood clotting disorders.

So with all of that being said, I started back on the Estrogen

1 pill 2x daily by mouth
1 pill 2x daily vaginally
1 Estrogen patch to be changed every 4 days.

I wil go back to the Doctor Wednesday June 7th for an ultra sound and blood work to check uterus lining and hormones.

That’s about it for now. Not much going on.

We are taking a month break from the study to do these tests.
If the ERA comes back and says my best optimal window is any other day than a day 6 transfer we will opt out of the study and begin a true transfer cycle with the information we have from the Blood test and ERA and give that a shot. The study is very strict on that you have to do a day6 transfer no deviations, no additional meds. They only allow the meds they provide.

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