Fertility Idol

Wednesday, June 12, 2019
I’m sure you can see from the title what this post will be about.

But first…

Wednesday was a very crazy hectic and scary day.
I had my morning doctor appointment to check my hormone levels and my lining thickness. My lining is still not thick enough. So I will return back in a week for another check. This past Wednesday, June 19 lining still wasn’t where they wanted it so I will go back in on Monday, June 24th!

As I am headed to work from the appointment I’m on the freeway and this happened. A truck ran over a piece of 2×4 and it shot into my window shattering it. Glass was all over me. Thankfully I was only a few miles away from work. Scary doesn’t even come close to how I felt. Thanking my lucky stars and angels above for keeping me safe. Had the wood been coming any fast or any wrong move this could have been a completely different accident.

One of our very sweet neighbors Kristi came by to give us something, she has followed our journey and knows the pain and struggle through her very own pregnancy story with a premature birth of her beautiful daughter.
To say I’m grateful for her in my life is a true understatement, she has been so encouraging, comforting and generous and just downright amazing.

Kristi comes over that (Wednesday June 12th) evening and hands me this thing wrapped in bubble wrap and she is SO very excited to give it to us. As I begin opening it she reads us the story.
She is in a Beer group on Facebook and she sees this post
Names have been left out for privacy and respect.

It goes like this:
“ backstory…my wife and I had been trying to get pregnant for the past 6ish tears. After trying for a while ( rawdoggin), we finally went and saw a fertility specialist. We started with IUI, think the medical version of a turkey baster. The second attempt got her pregnant, but unfortunately, we found out the pregnancy was ectopic ( implanted in the fallopian tube, this is a deadly condition if not treated quickly). We had no choice, but to end the pregnancy. This broke our hearts. We then did a few more rounds down a fallopian tube and no luck. We then moved on the IVF. Where IUI may coast ~2K with medication and all, IVF is closer to 15K. We did two rounds, one was successful, but led to an early miscarriage. We decided to take one last shot. We went with a clinic in Maryland. While there we met with some friends, the night before the embryo transfer. They gave us a fertility idol. They claimed it had a 100% success rate.
It had been passed around 3 different couples including themselves. My wife and I don’t buy into this stuff, but we accepted it and took it home. We had it in our room. Sure enough, the transfer worked and now we have our baby girl. So now 4 couples and 100% success.

If you have been having trouble getting pregnant and want this, let me know. Who wants this fertility idol?”

Kristi reached out to this couple and told them that it wasn’t for her it was for a friend and she would love to have it if no other couples reach out for it.
She arranged to have it sent to her.

As she is reading this story and as I’m retyping the moments of that day I’m crying. I’m so thankful for the community, love, and support everyone in our lives has and continues to show us as we journey through this chapter.

We are in the process of tracking down the first 3 couples, we would love to share their stories and journey’s and continue spreading the fertility statue around the world. Once we have our fertility baby we will pass it along to another trying couple. I’m not much for this type of stuff either but it’s not too hard to believe. Keeping the faith and the hope alive.

 Kristi, I want you to know how blessed and thankful we are to have you in our lives as not just a neighbor but a true friend. 

Our statue now resides on my nightstand and I give her a little hug every night.

Father’s Day was spent boiling crawfish with our dads! Nothing better than that. Until next time, as always we love you all and are so very grateful for our community of support.

One thought on “Fertility Idol

  1. What a dear friend you guys have. Love this so hard.
    That wood hitting your windshield is terrifying. It is a reminder of just how fleeting existence truly is. So thankful your windshield held up and you came out relatively unscathed.
    Great pics too. Thanks for the update.
    go go idol!

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