#4 Transfer Update!!, HCG Pregnancy test Results

If you don’t care about the details just scroll on down to the grey section, you will get the answer you have been LONG awaiting for!!!

Transfer Day Friday August 16, 2019.
We woke up and ate breakfast my typical Yogurt, berries and granola!!
We headed to the clinic ready to get this 4th transfer moving! We get checked in, head to see my nurse give her a BIG hug and they all wish us good luck!

The nurse comes out calls our name and we are walked back to the waiting room where you undress from the bottom and Matt puts on the most sexy bunny suit costume of all time, but nothing new we have been here before so we know the drill! I continue drinking water to fill my bladder. Dr. Witz comes in to see us and show us our embryo photo and I couldn’t help but already start dreaming of our precious baby! It’s now close to 11am and I’m SO full feeling like I need to pee then our transfer nurse comes in and says are you ready?? I get all strapped in on the table and they do an ultrasound Dr. Witz says are you sure your going to be good? Want to go to the bathroom, I said UHH you know YES, YES please I need to go. He said Go 3 Mississippi’s and come back! If anyone has ever been there you know what I’m talking about.

Bed rest was like any other one spent most of the day laying on the air mattress in the living room of course, Matt had it all set up for me so I could watch TV, work on the computer and color. We had Matt’s family come over Saturday to hang out. Which was a great distraction. Loved spending some special time with our niece Stella!

I went back to work Thursday August 22. It was nice to get back in the office and be distracted ! Friday I took a test that morning and It showed negative, so i went on the day just feeling all sorts of feelings but yet still hopeful knowing it cold have just been too soon to test. I began not feeling that great, not very hungry all day my stomach was unsettled feeling. I got home that evening and was so tired, got home laid in bed to rest. We ate dinner and went to bed.

Saturday comes around and since DUH it’s hard not know, i go back look at the test and to my surprise it WAS positive so naturally I’m freaking out, SO of course i take another one and to my extreme surprise that one is POSITIVE too!!! I’m freaking out at this point I show Matt and I think we are both in disbelief. We go to dinner Saturday evening for Matts best friends birthday and have an awesome time! I’m riding on a high!!

Sunday comes around and OF COURSE I freaking take another test because if you have ever been through infertility and have never seen those 2 pink lines you take as many tests as you can because its SO unbelievable and each time you see of those pretty pink lines is a reminder of the long journey you have been through to get to this!

Below are the various pictures of Blu snuggling my tummy along with my positive test!

MONDAY was the big day BETA HCG day!!!
A day we have always dreaded and stressed over, I was always scared to know the results and secretly prepared my self for those devastating words of Your not pregnant. We have heard them 5 times now in this whole process since we started in November of 2015.

I walk in and ask My nurse for new prescriptions since I’m running low, and she say anddddd is there anything else you want to tell me??? I of course start smiling and she says WELL did you cheat? She knows me too well. I tell her I got 5 positive tests and she is over the moon excited! I wait for the call not knowing how much it truly would change my world!
After the longest 2 hours of waiting EVER Results are in:

Congratulations YOU ARE PREGNANT !
our levels are above average!
HCG: 233
Estrogen: 1146
Progesterone: 53.81 ( anything above 20 is perfect)

Thursday August 29,2019 2nd Beta check!

We are progressing above average at this point and more than doubling in our numbers!!
We are officially 4 weeks and 4 days PREGNANT !!!!!

HCG: 640
Estrogen: 1,689
Progesterone: 57
I will return to the clinic Tuesday September 3rd and Friday September 6th which also happens to be my dads birthday!!
Our first ultrasound will be Monday September 9th!
Until Tuesday with the next update I’ll just be over here holding my belly and talking to our baby and praying for his/hers growth and health!

6 thoughts on “#4 Transfer Update!!, HCG Pregnancy test Results

  1. Yay!!!!! Yes!!yes!!!yessss!!!!!! I’m so excited for yall!!! Grow baby grow!! πŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ΆπŸ€°πŸ€°πŸ€°πŸ€°


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