A quick little update

Labs have all looked really good! Ive been feeling exhausted this baby growing is no joke.

Tuesday: I went in for hormone check my progesterone had dropped to 32 which kind of freaked me out but as long as it’s above 20 they aren’t concerned HCG was 3,129!!!! Baby is growing

Here are all of our results results!!

We had a little scare this afternoon, September 5, 2019

Went into the doctor this afternoon I was bleeding like full blown period and cramping so they gave me an additional progesterone injection and our ultrasound will be moved to tomorrow to make sure Baby is ok.

The bleeding they cannot explain they said 1 in 5 people it happens to.

For peace of mind I asked they draw blood today, praise the lord my levels have increased still very good

HCG: 5,123

Progesterone raised back up to 56

So thankful for our nurses and doctors that will bend over backwards to make sure everything is ok.

I’ll update tomorrow with what our ultrasound says!!!

Thanks for ALL the support and love as always

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