7w3d Baby Update!

WOW! As I look back on our journey and all of the heart ache we have been through I cannot help but be so very blessed and thankful for everyone in our lives, our nurses, doctors and SCIENCE. Without this village we wouldn’t be here 7weeks and 3 days pregnant with this beautiful miracle child.

I always wondered will we ever get the chance to send those ultrasound photos, or hear a babies heart beat inside of me, after our ERA I wasn’t any more hopeful than before I just knew I had to be optimistic and have realistic thoughts.

Going through Infertility and having losses, failed cycles, no eggs to be fertilized what ever your hurdle may be it’s so easy to lose sight of what it is your fighting for and you begin to wonder is this ALL worth it in the end?

I am here to tell HELL YES, Let me say that again HELL YES, THIS IS ALL WORTH IT! Choosing to be optimistic and never giving up. I know easier said than done, BUT it can be done.

On this rainy rainy Wednesday in Houston, we drove into our clinic for our 7 week and 3 day appointment to check on baby! Side note Let me just add nausea IS NO JOKE during pregnancy, make sure to have plenty saltine or Ritz crackers on hand at ALL times.

Ultrasound first I’m so mesmerized by the fact that there is a baby inside of me, being able to look at it on the screen and know it’s inside of you is an outer body feeling so hard to explain. They go on to measuring and looking around and we see that little flicker again and THIS time we get to hear the heart beat!!! I’m so fixated on the screen and listening i forget to record it. So we do it again and we get that oh so beautiful sound that Ive already listened to a hundred times this morning. Hearing that precious heartbeat will NEVER get old. Doc says everything looks great and we will go back next Wednesday! If you want to follow our YouTube channel as well I’m going to try and keep it updated as much or more often.

3 thoughts on “7w3d Baby Update!

  1. Heartbeat is the best sound and feeling !! My nurse gf’s at work told me that when the nausea got so bad that even saltines wouldn’t work, lays potato chips (original/yellow bag) and lemonade does the trick. I felt horrible giving all the junk after being so conscious, but it bought us a few more weeks of relief after 18 wks of nausea 😂.. at least until aversions set in.

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