8w3d Baby Update

Again I’m in total shock that we are finally on this side of our journey, it makes me feel so thankful, we never gave up or loss hope. We will continue to fight for this miracle baby growing. It’s so amazing to see how much baby has grown in just a weeks time.

Doctor says baby is looking good everything is on target! So exciting to see on the screen. He pointed out head, legs and arms so cute and tiny. We will be changing out appointments to Mondays so our next appointment will be Monday 9/30/2019 which will be 9w1d!

I text Matt after we each got back to work DUDE, there is a FUCKING baby in there!! It’s so hard to believe.

Little one you are SO very loved more than you know, you have so many people praying for you, some we don’t even know and have never met.

check out baby’s beautiful heartbeat below.

8w3d Update!

We begin to wean off our PIO injections and Estrogen beginning week 10 and will be released from our Fertility clinic at 12 weeks, it’s so bitter sweet. You spend so much time and effort with these nurses and doctors and build such an incredible friendship it’s scary to leave them and go into the unknown of how appointments will be. I know we will be in good hands its still a little scary to know at some point your body will have to take over 100% with no more help from supplementing progesterone and estrogen.

2 thoughts on “8w3d Baby Update

  1. Oh Baby!! This all warms my heart. I am so very happy for you three (4 of you count Blu) 😉
    It is so exciting and know that little bundle is cozy and well taken care of in there! 💜 The Dougan’s love y’all so much and can’t wait to see how the next chapters unfold!


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