9w1d Baby update!!

Today was our 9 week 1 day appointment!
We changed to Mondays so that we would have enough time to get the NIPT test results for our Gender Reveal on October 19th! YOU are not going to want to miss that so make sure you are subscribed, following on Instagram and Facebook!

This weekend we spent some time at the beach house relaxing, Weather was so nice, cool breeze not hot as hell as it has been. Finally felt like Fall which I LOVE! I’m so looking forward to having a sweet belly for the holidays!

I have finally figured out the whole nausea feelings and those have gone away complete so THANKFUL, man when it’s happening you feel like death but once it’s over you say to your self oh well that was THAT bad. I’m also beginning to feel some energy come back that in its self has been great since for the last 8 week all I have wanted to do is stay in bed and sleep. It would take everything I had to get up out of bed from feeling so tired and as soon as I would get home I’d go lay in bed. Now I’m ready to start decorating and cleaning out what will become the nursery!

Baby’s heart rate is still a strong 156.25 bpm!
Matt wasn’t able to be at my appointment this morning so I recorded the whole thing! We saw the baby move a little tiny bit. What a feeling to see your baby move.

For your viewing pleasure! Hope you enjoy! Make sure and subscribe for future baby videos!

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