12 Week Baby update! Graduation Day from HFI

Monday 10/21/2019 we went in to check on baby girl! If you missed the Gender Reveal post you can view it here. https://myjourneywithendoblog.wordpress.com/2019/10/21/the-results-are-in-gender-reveal/

Everything looked good and she is growing like a crazy lady. She is going to eat me out of house and home. she’s a little piggy.

Labs all looked good other than my progesterone was a little lower than they would like so I will begin progesterone injections today and return to the fertility clinics Monday for review. Baby is fine it’s all for precaution. other than that we are so overjoyed. So really we haven’t graduated yet. We will see what Doctor has to say Monday on my levels.

We went and looked at diapers bag Sunday super fun walking about the baby stores together. It’s so hard to believe still that we are here. Every day is a blessing.

Here is the ultrasound update!

12 Week Finley update!

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