16 Week Finley update!

I know it has been a while nothing has really been going on during the wait between my first OB and the one we had yesterday
( Wednesday).

I have started washing her clothes, we are so fortunate to have been gifted so many hand me downs from family and friends for baby Finley. We have started mapping out her room and what we want it to look like, I’m into sloths have no idea why but its a thing haha. Also I never thought I’d say this but garlic spicy pickles from H-E-B are LIFE!

Matt and I have been laying low, he’s been to the beach house a few times and Ive stayed home to get some things done nesting has hit me early, I feel like the rabbit on Alice in Wonderland, so much to do and not enough time to do it.

Doctor thinks she will be here April some time, so that feels RIGHT around the corner.

Mom and I tackled the Houston, Nutcracker market, lots of walking, so glad we went and had a day just us together, something we love doing is spending time together. We both had our teary moments thinking about how fun it’ll be to have Finley with us on these mommy daughter adventures. A mothers love and connection is one of a kind!
I went home after a long day took a nap and headed to our cousins Art show and had a wonderful evening seeing people we love dearly! If you are interested check him out! He’s local in Houston and LA https://www.taftmcwhorterart.com/artwork

When did you begin “nesting”?

Onto our 16 week Appointment update: Wednesday 11/20/2019
All looked good, my doctor did a “fun” ultrasound since our next one isn’t until 12/20 a WHOLE month away feels like it’s a year away over dramatic much, YES. We did blood work for Spina Bifida it’s not 100% but it’s a good chance you can see it in blood work if it’s something to worry about or not, we also checked my hormone levels, YES Progesterone was checked for my sanity and guesssss WHAT guys???? It’s been steady at 27 and she is happy with it!!! WHOA like my body is actually doing what it’s supposed to, knowing this has allowed me to let another tiny piece of my guard down and it feels so good. So far I have been feeling great can’t complain, a headache here and there could be from coming off meds could be weather or just me who knows. I’ve had a little bit of stuffy, dry nose and little bloody Yes it’s normal, no I don’t know why. There have been a few days after work where I’m super exhausted and a few I feel super energized. She’s making moves that I can ever so slightly feel which has been pretty surreal.

Ultrasound went great, her heart beat is nice and strong, she said everything looked great! Confirmed she is indeed a girl even though we knew that from the NIPT testing!

Next appointment isn’t until December 20th which will be our Anatomy scan!

I still get goosebumps, tearing eyes thinking about the fact that this is working my body is growing our precious miracle daughter. We cannot wait to meet her and shower her with SO much love. Never in my days did I believe we would be experiencing this joy!

What you all come here for!!! Bump shot, ultrasound and a few other photos I love from this past week!

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