17 Weeks what Finley is doing this week!

Good Morning Friends!!

A little update on what Finley is doing this week and how I have been feeling! 17 weeks y’all Just so crazy I know I say it every time it still feels like a dream! 23 weeks to go, feels like it’s so close but yet so far away.

This week Finley is roughly the size of a Large onion or chipmunk, she is measuring at close to 5 inches and weighting in at 5oz. Her heart is beating a more constant speed at 140- 150 beats per minute and is now controlled by her brain WHOA. It also is beating twice as fast as mine right now!
Finley is also practicing sucking and swallowing which she will use one she is born to eat. All of her survival reflexes she will use on the outside she is practicing right now in the womb pretty crazy!
This we she will be developing the the final stages of her finger prints, those unique swirls and creases.

How’s Mom!!! I’m doing great feeling fabulous and HUNGRY as hell all the damn time, BUT thank you goodness it’s the holidays I get to eat all the yummy food and no body can say a word haha.
I have started to see the scale creeping up each week. They say this time you play catch up in a way for all that time during the first trimester where you could hardy stomach anything and would force your self to eat something. I remember trying to shove chicken down my through and do with every ounce in my body hold it in and swallow it without it going everywhere. That nausea is NO Joke for anyone who thinks it’s a joke and it’s women trying to get attention IT’S NOT it’s real and it legit SUCKS. Imagine wanting to eat, so you go get something but then you have it in front of you and it is taking everything you have to in your body to take a bite of it but you just want to throw up, but your hungry and want to eat. Forcing food into your cake pipes is hard when you feel like shit. Her little kicks and movements at night are so fun to feel, I’m sure I’ll be wishing she would go to sleep at some point but for right now I’m loving feeling her move around!

“For the mamas out there I hear ya it sucks but you are STRONG and you can do this, it does get better, I know I didn’t think it would, but it does.”

The belly has really begun to show and I am loving it! Ive not really felt anything different, I’m still a little tired at times which I hear is normal the whole time YAAA! Friends have told me oh you’ll be tired for the next 18 years get used to not sleeping.

I Hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving with their friends, and or families! We will be going to my sister in laws home to celebrate, i’m pretty stocked about all the food and goodness! It’ll be so much fun seeing my niece and nephews love those kiddos!
” Thanksgiving, After all it is a word of action” Lets not forget those who are no longer with us, those who have no families to celebrate with, homeless shelters and the who are lost”.


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