19 Week Bump-date for Finley Rose!

Alright everyone it’s that time again update on Finley and how I have been feeling! Welcome back for those whose have been here!

Welcome if you are new a quick update: We began fertility treatment November of 2015 due to me having PCOS and Endo on my ovaries. We had 2 failed IUI’s and decided to go to a different doctor after taking some time off. We have done 2 egg retrievals first one resulting in 10 eggs retrieved 2 made it to a 5 day blast freeze we did our first transfer as a 5 day and it failed. We then were asked to be in a case study the SARA study which we were later let down due to high prolactin levels when I went in for my pre-screening. ( due to high stress level for me) We then were left to wait for another case study to begin in January of 2019 called the RITA study we were lucky, as this study was 100% paid for, with that 2nd egg retrieval we had 15 eggs retrieved and 5 made it to 5 day blast freeze we then proceeded with our 2nd transfer, 6 day transfer where we received a very low HCG positive test, we later miscarried as a chemical pregnancy. We went for a 3rd transfer, 6 day transfer since in the study it was unlimited transfers but they had to be on day 6 until a viable pregnancy was achieved, it failed completely. We decided an ERA biopsy of my uterus lining was the next best route to take. We did that and found out some great information, my uterus is receptive to a pregnancy we just needed it to be a Day 7 transfer 1 whole day difference. With this information we proceeded to our 4th transfer that has led us to sweet Finley Rose growing in my belly!

What is she up to this week??

This week Finley is 19 weeks, she is roughly the size of a large mango or a hedgehog she is 6 Inches long and weighing in at about 8oz only 21 weeks to go! She has a cheese like substance covering her body called Vernix It’s greasy, white and made up of downy hair known as lanugo. This coating will protect Finley’s sensitive skin from the surrounding amniotic fluid. Without this she would like like a wrinkly raisin at birth, this coating will also help when it’s time for her to make her grand entrance. She will shed this as delivery gets closer. Consider it her first introduction to anti-wrinkle cream!

Also this week her lungs are beginning to develop and getting geared up for that first breath of air on the outside. She is getting better and better control of her limbs and her movements are more precise rather than random.

How’s mom feeling??

Well, that’s a loaded question. Last week was a bit full of coughing, soup, snuggles, lots of sleep, and an investment in a shit ton of puff with lotion plus Vick tissues! (I swear I should buy stock in the company) We (Matt) too all 110 boxes of Christmas crap down from the attic and I began decorating Last Sunday Dec. 2nd if you follow my on Instagram you have seen the progress and the lack there of. I was able to get the majority of everything up Sunday called it a night and said we’d finish Monday. WELL…. my allergy and sinus’s had a totally different idea of how the week would go. Went to work Monday feeling good not 100% but good as the day went on I began feeling more and more achy, tired, and stuffy. I ended up leaving around 2pm and headed straight to bed. I had absolutely no energy to get any of the Christmas stuff done so we said ok we can wait mean while the both of us are going through a maze of boxes to get through the whole house which is driving us both crazy. fast forward through the week I gradually am getting better, now I’m just coughing my ass off every night, Matt ended up in the guest bedroom, Sorry babe. Saturday Rolls around and I’m beginning to have a little more energy so we finish finally putting everything up! I LOVE Christmas and decorating just not when you are sick. Now to today, I’m feeling 75% better on the mend of this allergy outbreak. All the while I’m feeling like absolute poop, Finley is having a dance party in my belly, those little kicks and movements would take my mind off of how crummy I felt and remind me how excited and Happy I am for this sweet baby girl!

What you all have been waiting for: Bump picture and the Christmas decor enjoy!

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