20 Week bumpdate ! Half way there.

I know I’m a day late I’m sorry, busy day at work Monday. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, December 15, 2019 was the start of 20 weeks. As I sit here trying to figure out what to write I cannot help but smile so big and feel so overjoyed with excitement. We are half way there, she will be here in 19 weeks and 5 days WHOA that not very far away. When I saw that very first HPT I remember feeling, oh man 9 months seems so far away but the time is flying by like snitch. 20 weeks SUCH a milestone.

Finley this week:
This 20th week of her growth she is roughly the size of a Sweet Potato, sweet potato or Axolotl. ( google it). Ranging from 6 inches long from head the bottom and roughly 10 inches tall from head to tiny toes, weighing in at about 10 ounces. This week she is getting bigger and bigger by the day turning and twisting all over the place. She likes to have dance parties. Did you know Finley is already producing millions of eggs who could become our grand kids one day CRAZY right. She is beginning to inhale more amniotic fluid that is helping her learn to breath for when she is born. Still covered in that creamy white layer called vernix caseosa to help protect her until birth.
Friday December 20th is our big anatomy scan, we are SO looking forward this cannot wait to see my sweet little nugget again. Of course I will record it and post it!

How’s Mom??

Well this week was a little eventful as I continued trying to get over this pesky allergy drainage shit. Ive literally slept sitting straight up for the past 2 weeks, it has helped but sucks since it’s not the most comfortable position. Matt ended up in the other bedroom a couple nights since I couldn’t stop coughing so much ( sorry babe, love you). I have felt great still, so thankful for that. I do get winded a little quicker but I know thats normalish. We are wanting to begin walking every day or at least 2-3 times a week, now just having to get my butt motivated to do that once we get home from work. UGH. Finley is such a wiggle worm I love it, I noticed her moving the most obviously after I have eaten, once I sit down fr the evening, on my drive home work ( she’s partying because she knows she gets to go home and hear dad and Blu) She has made some pretty big movements I’ve felt none that Matt can feel just yet. Now that will be one milestone I know we will never forget. Cannot wait to see his face when he gets to feel her move around for the first time, I remember when I first felt her it was such an amazing feeling of joy. I have began to map out how I want her room, where things will go it’s somuch fun! We also finally found the PERFECT dresser for her room it’s like something out of beauty and the beast We love it.

For the raw, honest and yet funny moments during my sick days.
One morning I got up to feed Blu, pack my lunch and get ready for the day. I had done my neti pot, went to the kitchen to finish getting things together. I started coughing and in my mind I thought oh NO NO NO I’m about to through up, I walk over to the kitchen sink since it was the closest and proceed it’s all the crap that had been draining ( I know yuck whatever shit happens) as I’m hovered over the sink I feel something trickling down my leg YEP you guessed it I’m peeing on my self as well I then begin to laugh my ass off and say to my self Welcome to pregnancy Jennifer! I clean all that up and finish getting ready for work. The next morning same thing happens except I’m in the bathroom and once thats all over with I look up in the mirror and I’ve now busted a damn blood vessel in my eye. Then I being to think COME on already, I’m so over this coughing, all the drainage and the over all feeling of crap in my chest. Those were my eventful mornings.

OH and I almost forgot Blu got to meet SANTA!! I also found the most adorable HUGE sloth at home goods hoping it’s still there after Christmas and goes on sale!

Saturday December, 14th I had my 3rd Annual cookie day so much, a bunch of my ladies come over we bake all day they drink champagne and we hang out together at the end of it all we exchange cookies! Photos will be attached. the kiddos had SO much fun decorating cookies and helping cook.

I’m looking forward to some time off this holiday season, December 20th is my last day until the new year! If your not following us on Instagram your missing out on day to day stuff @journey_2_our_family

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