21 & 22 Week Finley bump-date!

December 21, 2019- January 3, 2020
So I know I’m so behind it has been so crazy with the holidays!

To catch you up here we go! Strap on your boots it’s going to be a LONG ride.

I was off from work starting December 20th! We had an amazing Christmas and New Year with Family.

December 21, 2019 We started the day off with a nice morning walk with Blu through a park near the house, it was so beautiful and chilly. We did a few belly shots and enjoyed nature. I couldn’t believe we had never been there.

December 22, 2019
We celebrated with my side of the family we started off at my grandparent’s gravesite to sing a few Christmas songs and say a few prayers with them. This was our very first Christmas without my Mawmaw and the first for my grandparents to be in Heaven for Christmas together. We finished the evening off at my aunt’s house where we had an Italian Christmas followed by opening gifts with our nieces and nephews. Always fun getting together with everyone, I was for sure exhausted by the end of the night. I wore heels WHAAAT was I thinking.

December 23-24, 2019 We started the day off looking new cars for me since the Jeep just wasn’t working out any longer. My belly was getting too big to drive it and to get in and out of it. After 2 exhausting days of negotiating and test driving, we found a new car! We ended up with a fully loaded 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.0 Turbo. I’m so happy with it, it’s such a difference from driving the Jeep. I’ll miss my Jeep but who knows we may have another one way later down the road. Merry Christmas to me!!

Later that night Matt and I opened gifts from one another! We had Matts Family over along with my parents and brother and brother in laws family! Always a fun time together with everyone. One of my very special gifts from him, this perfect frame! We put her hand in it so we can wave at her every day!

December 28, 2019, we had carpet cleaners come in and do the whole house to get ready for Miss Finley! I went to lunch with 2 of my dearest friends whom I have known since literal diapers. We went to a super awesome place called Dish Society such a nice brunch catching up and hanging out. I had the shrimp and grits and OH man was it tasty!

We let the carpets dry overnight and then we got to work! We put her room together! Crib, dresser, clothes and so much more all in place. My nesting anxiety finally was at peace. For now. It feels so good to see things coming together instead of only having them in your mind. Its been so emotional, I thought washing her clothes hit me but as I’m hanging her clothes up I’m tearing up thinking WOW one day soon we will be in this room looking for an outfit for her to wear. Setting up her room is something I have dreamed about for so many years and it’s FINALLY happening. Like WHAT ?? Still so hard to believe. I still have my moments of “is this REALLY happening” When going through any sort of struggle, and when you begin to see the light you have been searching for, for so long not as far away as before you begin to count your blessing that much more and believe.

21 Week Update!

December 22, 2019 – December 28, 2019
This week Finley is roughly 10.5 inches long and weighing in around 11-12.5 oz. 19 weeks to go! She is about the size of a banana or Least Weasel! She is very see-thorough at this point, she is beginning to develop meconium and substance that will make up her first poop after birth it’s a black tarry like substance. Her skin is still wrinkled until she begins to put on on fat in the next few weeks.

22 Week Update!

December 29, 2019 – January 4, 2020
This week Finley is about 11 inches and the size of a red bell pepper
weighing about 1lb!! Next time you’re at the grocery store pick up a pound of sugar that’s how much she weighs! Pretty cool! She is beginning to tell the difference between light and dark even though her eyelids are shut still. she also is able to hear us now as her inner ears continue to develop and she now has a sense of balance, learning mine and dad’s voices along with my growling tummy, breathing, and heartbeat. She is also learning to use her hands, grabbing her feet, sucking her thumb even swinging from the umbilical cord like a sloth! Finley’s pancreas is already creating hormones.

We spent the week of New Years at the beach house it was so nice, had some raining cold days but it turned out to be a beautiful weekend. Blu and I sat outside and soaked up some rays while Matt and his friend were fishing. It was a nice relaxing time, we didn’t have to worry much about fireworks and Blu since it’s much quieter than staying home in the neighborhood.

How’s Mom Doing

As of lately, I have been getting calf muscle cramps during the night, I’m not sure what is causing this, it for sure wakes me up! this week I have also noticed my gums bleeding when I brush and floss, which is caused by all these hormones and increases in blood flow all normal. My appetite has definitely increased, I’m hungry much sooner than before, I ‘m able to eat a little more at each sitting. I do still have my 6 meals a day breakfast, lunch, and dinner with 2 -3 snacks in between to keep my metabolism on the up and up! I’m still getting up once to twice a night to pee which I know isn’t going to get any better. Overall I feel great, my back hurts at times but that’s nothing a little rest can’t fix for now. She is kicking and moving around so much I love feeling her. I’m even embracing it while I sleep, I snuggle my tummy every night! Heartburn and minor acid reflux have haunted me since the start, I’ve tried eliminating the foods I’ve noticed trigger these things also not eating after 7 is a big help. The belly button is still an innie!!
Our next doctor’s appointment isn’t until January 14th!

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