Finley- 26 Week Update!

HOLY COW you guys we are in our 26th week of this beautiful pregnancy, WHAT?? Someone pinch me please, but don’t wake me from this glorious dream. 14 weeks to go.

In the world of Finley this week!

As we begin this 26th week Finley is roughly the size of an Acorn squash or a cute Slow Loris. She is measuring nearly 14 inches long and a whole two pounds, So remember when she was weighing in at one pound and I said to go to the grocery store and pick up a one pound bag of sugar now pick up two of those and that’ll roughly be how much she weighs.

This week her eyelashes will begin to grow and soon I’m sure I’ll be obsessing over them. For months now her eyes have been sealed shut, but this week she will begin to open them, which means she should become more responsive to light, this recognition of light could increase her movement when she sees it. Here come more punches.

Her Immune system is doing lots this week as she continues to piggyback off of mine, to help her once she is here in all the elements. What ever I’m exposed to weather types, different areas of town, cities that will help her adapt to the environment on the outside. Along with her Immune system developing, her brain activity is increasing, she can now not only hear noises but she can respond to them with you guessed it, a punch in the gut.

Also this week her tiny little finger nails are growing in, she will continue to swallow amniotic fluid to build her lungs nice and strong.

Most of Finley’s bodily systems and functions are in place, which means the rest of these 14 weeks will be focused more on putting on weight and growing tall! HAHA ya right if she has my “jeans” she’ll be a cute short petite little one. All we can pray for is healthy!

Update on Mom!

I, on the other hand am tired, but I’m dealing with it! This little girl has our hearts already, we cannot wait to hold and love on her!
Every little kick, movement, bouncing on my bladder she makes is reassurance she is all good!

This week my uterus will officially be stretched to about two to two and half inches above my belly button *CRAZY* to think our bodies are capable of all this. Pregnancy and what women’s body’s are able to do is so fascinating.
My belly button is still an innie although it is a little larger than before, no stretch marks to report on the belly. My boobs are a different story but that has always been the case. I pee a little more with each sneeze or laugh which then makes me laugh more haha comes with the territory.

The reason for the outie belly button is during the end of the second and beginning of the third trimester your uterus is becoming so large it pushes forward on your abdomen, this outie belly button doesn’t always happen to everyone and for most goes back to normal shape after birth.

Sleep, oh how I love sleep I have noticed making my mind calm down at night has become a little more difficult, but once I am asleep I’m good until…..I have to pee, then the cycle starts all over. Thankful I’m still only getting up once a night, on occasion it has been two but not many.

My legs cramps have become almost none existent which has been really nice, I did not begin taking any magnesium like my Doctor said I could, I’m more of a figure it out without meds kind of gal. I rearranged my pillows and gave my full legs down to my toes elevated support and that has helped tremendously. We have also stayed up with our walks at least doing two a week I still would like to add a third but baby steps right. I want to thank everyone who reached out and let me know what worked best for them on leg cramps.

Finley is moving all the time it seems, Matt was able to see her do a big move and the look on this face! Priceless. I swear she is using my bladder as a spring to get into formation for her gymnastics routine. She stuck the landing!

She certainly is doing lots of stretching now thats another feeling that hard to explain.

Some begin to experience contractions also called braxton hicks contractions, in the next coming weeks to prepare your body for birth, I have not felt anything thus far. Other than round ligament pain when I freaking move a certain way.

Next appointment is February 4th, Ultrasound I’m super excited about My mother in law will be able to come so excited for her to be there and see Finley! Glucose test! Thank you everyone who has reached out on their experience and some of things they did before the test!

One thought on “Finley- 26 Week Update!

  1. At least you have an excuse. I get up to pee at least once a night, and I’m not even pregnant. I’m a dude.

    Seriously, though, I don’t know you, I only found this because you read something on my blog, but I’m excited for you.


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