28 Weeks 3rd Trimester

Holy Guacamole 3rd Trimester you guys! 12 weeks to go!!

This week Finley is roughly 15 inches long, the size of a head of lettuce or Echidna ( you can look it up I had never heard of it until now), some also say the size of a coconut, I have no idea where these comparisons come from or how they come up with them, but shall we continue? Finley is weighing in at roughly 2.25lbs. Some days she feels like 5lbs.

In this week Finley will began to experience dreaming, REM sleep, she could also be beginning to blink since up until this point her eyes have been closed. She could also begin to stick her tongue out tasting amniotic fluid. Practicing blinking now will help when she is in the real world to keep things out of her eyes. Just one of the amazing repertoire skills she will use on the outside. Along with that she is working on coughing, hiccuping and becoming a champion breather.

Finley is beginning to control her own body temperature. Also this week she is releasing estrogen which could trigger my body to begin lactation!

How is Mom doing!

This past week I have continued to feel great! I am little more tired at the end of the day other than that no complaints!
Finley has been moving so much more lately and I got to say it never gets old. Not much to really report on me!

Belly button: Still an Innie, no stretch marks to report, still getting up in the middle of the night to pee always fun, getting comfortable at night to go to bed has become a little more challenging, but once I’m asleep I’m out.

It’s all starting to sink in a little more, knowing we only have ~12 weeks left AHHH so much to do still!

We are so excited to meet our little girl, and to watch her grow up into her own person!

Next Appointment is Feb 25th !

For some cuteness overload here is Blu snuggling with his sister.

We finished Finley’s Crib wall this week and we are loving the way her room is coming together!

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