30 Weeks Another Milestone!

First and foremost I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY babe!
Secondly Laissez les bons temps rouler! Happy Mardi Gras everyone.

With every week that goes by I show Matt my belly and say HOLY COW can you believe this babe as he rubs my belly saying YEP it’s pretty crazy babe and I love it! He is so excited I mean we all are but I have say seeing him be excited is next level.

30 weeks pregnant with this little one WOW time has flown by in just a few short weeks we will have her in our arms loving on her!

Whats going on in the word for Finley this week?

Again you’ll have to excuse the comparisons as I’m still SO unsure where they come up with any of them. This week she is the size of a bunch of broccoli, or a platypus minus the tail or a cantaloupe. Yea like I said I don’t know. She is roughly weigh in at around three pounds thats now 3 bags of sugar from the grocery store. She is also about seventeen inches long. At this point most babies will begin to move from the breech position to a safer and easier position for birth, which is head down. Her eyes are currently still developing but she can open and close them and although her vision is fuzzy she will be able to detect light.

This week she also begins to lose that furry coat called Lanugo this has been keeping her warm all this time, but once that coat is shed she will begin to regulate her own temperature. Maybe this is why I have been having hot flashes at night.

Her brain is growing and developing more and more this week as the smooth surface begins to develop wrinkle and creases this allows for increase brain tissue that is necessary for development and smarts!

Lets talk bones and bone marrow, during this week her bone marrow begins to to completely take over her red blood cells before this tissue groups and the spleen did this for her.

Finley’s finger nails and toe nails are fully formed at this point and YES I have felt her tickle or scratch me with them

How’s Mom you ask, great question!

In ALL honesty I really am doing great I still feel good, mu back doesn’t hurt hips don’t hurt. I have been very blessed to have not been miserable.

Although indigestion has made a return oh the joy of tums, I have been able to keep it at bay with two tums and some sometimes a third or fourth, I have noticed it’s mostly too much dairy either early in the morning or late at night. THANK goodness the nauseous hasn’t come back and I’m still able to eat normal.

My weight gain is still good Doctor is happy with it, still on my one pound a week. Belly button is still an Innie and no stretch marks to report.

Little miss is a mover, kicker and a shaker Her living quarter are getting smaller and smaller leaving her crunched up in there but she is managing to get around just fine. There have been nights she is literally having a dance party in there makes me laugh every time.

Appointment went well today, heartbeat was good she had the hiccups during the exam.

Tonight for Matt’s birthday and the fat that it’s Mardi gras and I love crawfish we have to celebrate right!! Going to eat some mud-bugs and Mama is going to be oh so HAPPY! If your not following us on Instagram you should! that is where all the latest updates will be and some posts that don’t make it to the blog @journey_2_our_Family

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