34 weeks Have flown by

34 Weeks of Finley

What is becoming seemingly normal these days, ya I’m late posting, but oh well.

On this 34th week of Finley She is roughly the size of a Pineapple, Quokka, or a savoy cabbage. Weighing in between five and seven pounds. Finley could be roughly 18 inches long WHOA. If you remember going to the store and holding a one pound bag of sugar now go back there, if you can find it and hold five or better yet go find one five pound dumbbell or five pound bag of flour. People might look at you strange when cradling it but who cares, we all could use some laughs right about now.
Finley’s skin still has that waxy, cheese like coating called vernix on it, these week it will begin to thicken before it sheds in within the next few weeks. This vernix will help her move through the birth canal. Her lungs, brain and central nervous system are rapidly developing and everything but her lungs are close to reaching their final stages of development, at this point she is still using my immune system to help build her own.

Some fun facts :
She is peeing up to a pint a day and she is preparing for her first nice poop that tarry one.
Finley is developing a sleep schedule and when she snoozes her eyes are closed and when she’s awake they are open.

How’s Mom!?!?

Raging hormones you ask, well let me tell ya how Mom has been!

I have not had any swollen feet which has been nice, still having some leg cramps at night but we know how to prevent that, daily walks which has also helped my mind.

This week has been rough as it was leading up to one of our baby showers that we were looking forward to very much. Lake of sleep I’m sure has played a part in my emotional days along with the typical pregnancy hormones. Ive still be very blessed to have the ability work from home and stay safe during this stupid virus shit. I know we are all SO over it, I sure know I am. I want to see my family, friends and get back to life as we knew it once before. Ive not been anywhere other than the office one day out of the week, Matt still has to go in as he is considered essential but they have put measures into place to keep them safe, they have provided them with gloves, and masks for when they have to meet with homeowners and the trades.

To keep us busy for 2 minutes we plated a few herbs!
Sweet Mint, Cilantro, Basil, Lemon Thyme.

We received the most precious and thoughtful gift in the mail from a fellow fertility sister. She had her mom paint these beautiful pieces for Finley’s room.

This virus quarantine time is a true test that we need human interaction, we are all in this together just like every other thing that happens in this world. We shouldn’t be divided. I pray after all this is over we are all able to show more humanity and compassion towards EVERYONE. Just like this virus and cancer, endometriosis, lupus, or any other disease, chronic illness they do not discriminate so why should we? At the end of the day WE are all WE have.

One thought on “34 weeks Have flown by

  1. You guys are doing great. What a story sweet Finley has about her life already. She has literally been willed into existence and now this C19 situation. Makes me wonder what wonderful things she will do with her precious life.
    And Blue! Ermagurd…such a sweet soul.
    Love y’all. ✌ Patti


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