36 Weeks is coming to an end

What’s Finley up to this week?

As Sunday April 5, 2020 We began our 36th week being pregnant with Finley!
This week Finley is roughly the size of a bunch of kale again I don’t know… where this shit comes from, as big as a chihuahua sounds more like it.
We went in Thursday April ninth for our last ultrasound until she is born and she is weighing in right around six pounds. We we able to see she has lots of long and what looked like thick hair. Finley says Thank you daddy! She is confirmed head down and VERY low in my pelvic area which I’m hoping will make for a smooth delivery! All of her organs have basically completed their cycle of development and are ready to begin working on the outside. She is producing something called Meconium which can be a combination of lanugo, mucus, amniotic fluid, or water this will make up her first tarry like poop after birth. Her Skull will remain soft until well after birth and could take up to a year to full harden like yours and mine. The only thing still needing to catch up and won’t begin until after she is born and eating on the outside is her digestive system. Up until birth she has relied on the umbilical cord for nutrition meaning her digestive system hasn’t had to work so hard it could take up to the first year or two for this system to full be developed.

Some fun facts:
She’s got bionic hearing, her ears are extra sharp and will help her recognize my voice after birth.
This week she could drop even lower into the pelvic making it easier for me to breath this is called lightening or dropping
This week she’s looking more and more like a baby with pink skin and chubby legs and cheeks!

How’s Mom doing!

I’m doing exceptionally well! This week I have felt great, other than the very minor feet swelling I cannot complain. This week haven’t really done much, I’ve continued my walks and getting some fresh air still haven’t been ANYWHERE, which I know is most safe.
Thursdays appointment was such good news, currently not dilated yet but she will check me again a 38 weeks if I want or we can just wait. At this time she sees no reason to schedule to be induced since everything is looking right on target, she also see no problem with me going passed my due date. Blu has been by my side like my shadow which I’m loving and not loving, i keep stepping on his poor little feet not knowing hes there.
I have started working on a blanket for her and have done a couple puzzles and am still working full time remote from home!

As for now we just wait…she will tell us when she is ready!

We did get some items in from our registry and a few gifts from people throughout this week that have kept spirits up in this crazy time. Photos below.

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