Finley Birth to 1 Month

Not going into a ton of details here is most of how our first month went.

Well, we are finally home, we look at each other and think okay what now. We begin to put things away as Finley sleeps. The first couple of nights are rough since my milk hasn’t fully come in yet, and she is feeding every 2 hours or so. Talk about exhausting. We eat dinner and prepare for the first night’s sleep with her home, and we are both on high alert. With every noise or movement we both jump up and check on her, is she breathing, is she okay. Oh, she’s out of her swaddle AGAIN. Get up, put her back in the swaddle blanket and try again, but this time it’s been 2 hours, its time to feed her, and the cycle begins again. We are using the hospital blankets they to swaddle her as they do, WHY can’t we do it like they do and keep her in them??? Finally, we pull out the swaddle they gave us that is like the ones you get for the halo bassinet and what a difference that has made.

Friday, May 1, 2020, was her one-week check-up, the hospital wanted her to be checked within 72 hours because of the vacuum, and her temperature control. She weighed 5lbs 15oz and was 18″. The doctor said her weight was okay since most babies lose about a pound between birth weight and the time they are checked after leaving the hospital. Her temperature was 96 degrees once we were able to get her warmed up. We still have to keep her bundled up like it’s winter at this point, Beanie on the head, long PJs, and blankets.

Breastfeeding what a fantastic thing to be able to do, provide nourishment to your baby, but nobody tells you how hard it is. The first week I was only producing the colostrum and feeding her what seemed like every hour to keep her full. She would nap a lot and didn’t fuss much unless she was wet or hungry. When night time came around, I felt like every hour we were up and ever little noise or movement, we both would jump up to make sure she was okay. It’s so crazy how you go nine months being pregnant preparing for this beautiful miracle life, and you are so anxious to bring them home. Then the day comes you bring them home, and you look around thinking OH shit I’ve got a little person to take care of and to figure out how to do that. No handbook, clip notes, or guide figure it out. I began pumping to help get my milk to come in, Saturday, May 2, 2020, it came in so cool to see the change from colostrum this liquid yellow gold to a white milk-like color. I still nursed Finley as much as I could physically take it.

Week 2- 4 May 8, 2020, was her two weeks check up!
Weight: 6lbs 14oz and 19.5 ” long! Munchkin is growing and gaining weight at a rapid pace. We have finally figure out somewhat of a routine for Finely. She is for sure wanting to be fed every 2-3 hours some times we are lucky and can get a good four hours our of her. My mom has been here since Saturday at this point helping us; since Matt’s still having to go into work, it’s been so nice to have her here during the night feedings so Matt can get some sleep. We both will get up, she will feed her, and I will pump. Some mornings I’m lucky if I brush my teeth or get out of my nightgown, but I know it’s all worth, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

We have increased her feedings from two and a half ounces to three, and she is downing that like a champ, we call her little piglet.

It is still so hard to believe she is a month old already where has the time gone.
Photos below are from when we brought her home, all of her “visitors” through Face time, first bath and more.

3 thoughts on “Finley Birth to 1 Month

  1. What a beautiful family! Yes, no one tells you how hard breastfeeding is. I tried to opt out for our second baby but since I had more milk, after knowing I was supposed to pump, I did it for about 5 months. Lol he took every drop he could. I think with our first he was starving cause he was drinking 4 oz of formula milk before we left the hospital after the nurses had told me colostrum was enough for him… Yeah, ok. Baby’s scream say otherwise!


    1. Thank you, I have enjoyed reading your blog as well.
      Gosh yes, I know when I was in surgery they fed her with formula and we left the hospital thinking what she was getting from me was enough, But she quickly let us know it was NOT enough. Happy to say she is fully weaned off breastmilk and doing amazing!

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