5 Weeks of Finley

This week Finley turned five weeks. It is still so hard for me to believe that she’s here, she’s mine and how fast the dang time is going.
We are al still adjusting to this new life, and sleep is hard to come by. We think she has her nights and days mixed up, so we are trying to keep her awake as long as possible during the day, give her 2-3 naps throughout the day, and see if that will help her figure out days from nights. Give Mommy and Daddy some SLEEEEPPPP! She also likes to fight sleep.

Other than that, she is doing excellent. We have increased her to three ounces of breast milk, and she is taking that like a champ. We also weighed her, and she is eight pounds, twelve ounces of pure sweetness. We have started taking her out of her pajamas and into clothes every day since she’s got a closet full but also to let her know its day time, time to play and have fun. She has started to smile and makes the cutest little faces.

How’s Mom and Dad:
we are good! I’m still healing from surgery and the tearing. Haven’t been anywhere yet, which sucks. Only to my parents, doctors, and that is it. I’m ready to get out and about, and I’m ready to be cleared to take walks and get outside. Breastfeeding is hard, but we are powering through it. I tried all these supplements and such only to find out they were not helping and had the opposite effect on me than what they have on others. So I have stopped all supplements and have been able to pump five to eight ounces each time.

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