9-10 Weeks New! Finley

Well, another two weeks have come and gone.

This week marks three weeks since we began weaning Finley off my breastmilk. I broke down last Wednesday and pumped again, and it hurt like I figured it would. I felt the sharp shooting pain in my boob through my nipple moments after, and this helped me see weaning her off is still the right decision. It has been an incredibly hard one for me, as I feel selfish for stopping. I know it’s also what is best for me, mentally and emotionally. Since weaning her off, we have done 50% breastmilk and 50% formula bottles for the first week, and a half as my reserve started dwindling, we changed it to 75% formula 25% breastmilk. Saturday, June 27, 2020, two months old, she will have her last bottle with breastmilk and be entirely on formula. Bittersweet feelings for me. I always dreamed of nursing her for a whole year; I know life throws you curveballs; it’s going to take me time to get past the emotional attachment I have for breastfeeding. I fear that this is my only chance to experience this beautiful connection since it took us so long to get her.

Finley is smiling all the time now, melts our hearts. She has changed so much! Weighing in a little over 10lbs now WHOAAA, how in the world is this possible. She loves tummy time and being on her safari play mat and starting to make noises and cooing. The fan catches her attention all the time. It’s been such a joy watching her light up when Matt comes in the room or home from work. She loves her daddy.

Mom and Dad are getting some good sleep, Finley has been such a great night sleeper starting middle of week nine and now into week ten.

We spend July 4 weekend at the beach house! Oh, man, was it nice to get out of our home and spend some time outside hanging out. Matt’s parents went with us, and they loved being able to spend some time with Finley. We packed the car literally to the roof. Matt was good at playing Tetris. It was the first LONG drive with her, so of course, I sat in the back as she slept the whole way there. We spent the days outside on the deck listening to nature.

2 thoughts on “9-10 Weeks New! Finley

  1. She is such a doll! I just want to snuggle her.
    Awesome that you guys got a trip
    Out of town, I can only imagine the packed car! 🤣 Our first trip to dinner at my parents 15 minutes away and I packed the whole house; lol.
    I commiserate in the bf struggle. I understood “fed is best” but still felt like I was missing some connection. Here we are, 10 months in. No connection missed. I was having issues with latch and when pumping, I experienced something called D-MER (nightmare) and my milk dwindled. It killed me to pump for 3 months before I said No More. My mental health is suffering. I was a wreck back then, bc of the extra cost of formula on top of everything, I felt like my body kept failing. But now… with some perspective, girl- I happily make that bottle. Bebe eats food and formula and still loves his mama first. Snuggles are the best! BF was not in the cards and that’s ok. Normal conception wasn’t in the cards for you or us either and that’s ok to. We are overcomers!!

    Good job Finley on letting your newbies
    Sleep!! 💓💓💓



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