11 weeks of joyfulness

We wrap up Finley’s 11 weeks! We have had so much over these last 11 weeks from bringing her home for the first time, watching her sleep, seeing her grow and begin to smile and play. She follows things and knows when we are in the room and near. She loves to wake up to one of us looking at her and thanks us with a HUGE smile.
Finley is concurring tummy time, holding her head up so much more while looking around and playing. Nap times have been hit or miss some days. Our typical routine is to wake up around 6:00 am – 6:30 feed her change her and play for about an hour. Put her down for a morning nap between 7:00 am and 8:00 am she will sleep some times close to 11:30 feed her around noon go back down for a nap around 2 pm this is the one she starts to fight. She finally goes down. Saturday morning, we went for our first family walk before it became too hot to be outside. She is eating four ounces with each feeding. Loves bath time, and smiling. She thinks it’s so funny when we let Blu drink her bathwater while she’s taking a bath.
We have been doing a lot of research on remote assistant “jobs,” along with other income opportunities. I have also been doing a lot of designing for t-shirts. I’ll have those links at the end of this post. I love hanging out with her in the mornings outside and watching her look around and listen to the birds as she tries to find where they are.

She also has officially rolled over on her own! WHOAAA is right. When I saw her go from tummy to her side I hurried up and grabbed the camera to be sure I could get the full roll over. she surprises me every day. Her arms and legs are getting so much stronger, shes pushing up on her legs and holding her head up with her arms and muscles.

We are in wonder week 3 also known as the mental leap. She is already showing signs of more control over her arms and legs instead of those funny jerky motions. she will begin to realize and notice changes around, like the dimming of light from outside, when we are in the room to learning perception. She won’t have another mental leap until closer to 19 weeks of age.

Side Note: it is hilarious watching Matt change her poopie diapers. I cry laughing every time.

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