Finley is 12 Weeks!

Monday 7/20/2020
Finley woke up in such a great mood as always. Matt got up with us. It’s so much fun watching her stretch and smile at us. He fed her before he left for work. After Matt left, She went back down for a nap, and I was able to get SO much done. We are wanting to fulfill our dreams of traveling, and one way to start that is to get rid of things in your house. My grandmother would always tell us ” the best things in life aren’t things” and boy how true that is. Family time together, experiences, and the love we share is worth so much more than some item. At the end of it all, all you have are photos and memories. We want to build so many new memories with Finley. We want her to learn from the world in front of her, not out of a textbook. Today on…While Finley sleeps is a new Instagram story, I have started for fun! If you are not following us on Instagram, you can @Journey_to_Finley I post photos of things I have been able to get done while she sleeps.

Tuesday 7/21/2020
Matt and I have been getting up together around six in the morning when Finley wakes up; It’s been so awesome to have him up with us in the mornings, not only do I love it, but it gives him some time with her in the mornings before leaving for work. We start our day with coffee. It’s LIFE!! A while back, we decided to get rid of our traditional coffee maker and go to a french press. The whole time I was pregnant or even going through IVF for that matter, I wasn’t drinking any caffeine, so it made no sense to make a full pot of coffee for Matt. I still wanted coffee I would drink decaf. I will ink our favorite french press below! Cheap easy and works great too.

Wednesday -Friday!
I have spent this whole week on the phone trying to get through on Texas Workforce to figure out why I didn’t receive the additional $600 a week for my first payment of unemployment benefits. Can we say what a nightmare? After calling for 3 hours and being on hold for two hours, two times the line hangs up. A part of me cries inside. I would hate to be a worker right now dealing with all the millions of people calling daily, God bless them. I’m 100% positive that elevator music is not my jam.
We don’t have much planned this weekend, actually nothing at all. Hanging out around the house, maybe we will go on a little drive to get out of here. I have been having so much fun re-learning my camera and taking pictures of Finley, and she’s been such a great sport until she’s over it.

Saturday- Sunday!
Being that it was a rainy weekend we didn’t do much, hung around the house played. Finley enjoyed lots of daddy snuggles. We kept telling each other HOLY cow she’s going to be three months on Monday. Where has the time gone. It feels like yesterday she was born and we were bring her home for the first time.

One thought on “Finley is 12 Weeks!

  1. such a wonderful life you are having with Finley! So proud of you both for all you went through to get this girl. Soo n she will be saying Ma ma and Da da. Then walking. Enjoy every day. Janet

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