Live a Life with purpose

Do you ever feel like you can’t breathe that your suffocating in your life? Anxiety takes over. I had felt this way for the last six years at a job I forced myself to say I “really” enjoyed being at when in all reality. I was only comforted by the constant paycheck. To be shown appreciation by being laid after one week shy of having a two-month-old precious baby girl.

This new found stay at home mom position has sparked our want to live free and go explore, show Finley there is more to life than this typical sticks and bricks society says is “the right thing to do” or the “American dream.” The American dream shouldn’t be summed up behind a desk waiting to retire and hope that one day, when that happens if it ever does, you will be in good health to do the things you have wanted to your whole life. It shouldn’t be helping someone else make money, or helping that business owner live out his or her dream. It should be how you begin to live out YOUR dream. Your American dream.

Over these last few weeks of being “unemployed,” I’ve gone through so many ups and downs, feeling sorry for myself, feeling as if I have failed my family somehow, including myself. It not only has reignited the spark to want to get on the road and live, but it has shown me that I want to get out there and live. So many times we say oh yeah, let’s go on a vacation, or I need a vacation. That vacation consists of hurry; let’s see everything we can before we have to go back to our life as we know it. The American not dream. Instead of hurry up we got to pack in as much as we can in these short five days why not be able to stay in one place for a couple of weeks and take in what this world has to offer—peace, hope, harmony, and freedom. During this time of exploring and LIVING, you can work and make money for yourself. To support the life you want to live, free.

We recently watched a documentary on YouTube called the RV Nomad. If you haven’t seen it, I’ll link it . It’s a must-watch for everyone, even if you are not seeking the RV lifestyle. To hear them talk about how they are living their life, the way they want to on their schedules, now that’s the American Dream. That is giving your life purpose.

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One thought on “Live a Life with purpose

  1. “To be shown appreciation by being laid after one week shy of having a two-month-old precious baby girl.”

    You got laid when you were in your last month of pregnancy… wow, wasn’t that uncomfortable? 😛

    Seriously, though, good thoughts.


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