14 Weeks she is so alert

Monday 8/3/2020
I feel like the days are so short, they fly by like a jet plane. I feel as if I’m going to wake up tomorrow and she’ll be five. I am blessed to be able to stay home with her and watch every milestone happen. After all, it is what I always wanted. I have started trying to record more of our day, so we have it documented, it’s so hard to remember to pick up the camera. I’ll do better.
I made a super yummy Italian sausage tortellini soup for dinner! It’s so good and flavorful.

Tuesday 8/4/2020
Matt cooked some chicken on the Blackstone man was it good! Finley is talking more and more each day, and we love it.
Her sweet smiles melt our hearts. I catch myself starring at her ALL day. We often say to each other if only we could get paid to love and kiss on you. We would be rich.

Wednesday 8/5/2020
We slept in a little later than usual at 7:30 am felt good. We watched a little bit of the Today show, and she fell back to sleep, allowing me to get some things done. Eat breakfast and start some laundry. Finley has loved to be in the kitchen with us while we are cooking, so she has been sitting in her highchair, she also loves watching wheel of fortune. I know what you are thinking, WHAT? Seriously? Yes, I’m serious, Matt, and I have watched it together ever since we met. While feeding Finley today, I remembered my sister in law putting on GooGoo GaaGaa for Stella, so I put it on for her, and to my surprise, she was SO interested in it and laughing at it.
Around 2 pm I hit a brick wall, but nothing a little coffee boost can’t help. We are going to make instant pot short ribs with mashed potatoes such an excellent and easy recipe.

Saturday 8/8-
Well, today was the first day we let Finley nap in her big girl bed. To say I’m not ready for this is an understatement. She is growing up so fast already. I know that in a blink of an eye, my little tiny baby will be crawling all over the place. I told Matt NO I’m not ready for that. He said, babe its time we start using her room. HER. She’s had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep, and I’m hoping it’s just her getting used to being in there. We did some more t-shirt designs and hung out on the air mattress we set up in our bedroom. Matt got up and mowed the lawn before it became so damn hot and humid, which happens to fast in the day. Finley sure does love her play mat and looking around. She’s beginning to hold her head up and look all over the place.

Sunday 8/9/2020
We hung out and had a sort of lazy day. Cleaned the house up a bit, planned dinners for the week. Matt went to the grocery store.
We face timed with our parents so Finley could see them, it’s so sad that’s what shes going to grow up knowing is a damn phone in front of her face. We continued with her napping in her crib, and she would fight sleep and finally be out for a good while, but then she wakes up often fingers crossed; it’s only a phase of her getting used to it. We had a rainstorm come out of nowhere today. Just enough to water the grass and make everything sticky and humid. We finished the night off with bath time, a bottle, and Finley went right to sleep. Matt and I watched some more episodes of ALONE , if you are not watching it and you like the show Survivor you would like alone.

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