Napping in her bed at 15 weeks

Monday 8-10-2020

This past Saturday, we put her in her crib to take a nap for the first time. I am SO not ready for this. It’s so true when people say don’t blink; they grow so fast. We woke up around 6:30 am got some sweet daddy kisses before he left for work. She is always so happy waking up. Lately, I have put her down for a nap, and she will toss and turn for a couple of minutes then fall asleep. Well, 30-45 minutes later, she’s awake and rolling around again. I’ll go in there and put her pacifier back in her mouth, and as she’s looking up at me, smiling and giggling so cute. I’m sure she’s thinking, “I got ya mom” I made an amazing Crispy Salmon with wilted greens and a lemon butter caper sauce SO good, and of course, I didn’t get a damn picture. 

Tuesday 8-11-2020

Little bit has been getting up around 6:30 am again for a while. She was sleeping till 7:30ish, which was nice. This morning I am dragging like crazy. I got up and fed her, and we both went back to sleep. As I’m writing this at 9:46 am, I woke up only 20 minutes ago Finley is still sleeping. I made myself some coffee, and now it’s time to find a remote job or many remote jobs. I have applied at Fancy Hands, and if you don’t know what that is, its a place you put your skills and knowledge out into the internet world, you can bid on a project, and if you get the project once you complete it you get paid! These little here and their things are great, but we still need something more sustainable. We want to start working on even more minimal living, saving, and moving forward to getting out of this house and into an RV for full time living. I dream about the time we will have, showing Finley this world and its beauty. That there is more to life and the world than a suburban neighborhood, that you don’t have to do what society says you “should” do.

Wednesday 8-12-2020

Each evening I tell myself dang it, I forgot to write about the day AGAIN. This week like every other week, has flown. So since I cannot remember what happened the rest of the week, I’ll jump to the weekend. 

Friday 8-14-2020

My parents came over to hang out and spend the night. We watched the Astros game. I love watching Finley look at my mom and smile and talk. So sweet. Everyone says she favors her I see it for sure. We had some yummy fajitas and margaritas. Well, not me, I’m not ready for margaritas yet. I have managed to drink some beer and Rose wine. Love my Rose. I have finally finished uploading all the shirt designs to Teespring and Redbubble, now working on getting them onto 2-3 more platforms to sell.

Saturday 8-15-2020 

I had my dad come to wake Finley up this morning, she stretches and smiles at you so sweet. He loved it. She loves seeing your face when she wakes up. We didn’t do much today other than hanging out, which was nice. Something different to do in this crazy Corona times. It’s been so hard to say ok to let people come over and see her. You want to do what you think is be I long to see friends and feel somewhat normal. My parents stayed for the rest of the day. My mom and I worked on a photo session I have been waiting to do for so long with Finley. 

I was laying out all of my needles, syringes, medicine vials, pregnancy tests, and so many emotions. I have always wanted to take a picture with Finley surrounded by it, which would become such a memorable photo to show her one day. Five years of our lives were injections every night, doctor appointments every other day. Anxiously waiting for that positive pregnancy test, this had become apart of our everyday norm. It was so routine and life as we knew it. Once we finished pictures, my mom and I went to HEB to get dinner stuff, and we had crab, shrimp, and potatoes SO good. I could live on crabs. My parents went home around 9pm after Finley too a bath and went to bed. Matt and I watch some more of the show Alone. 

Sunday 8-16-2020

I woke up with such excitement. One year ago, on this day, Matt and I were walking into the fertility clinic ready for our fourth transfer at that time, hoping it would be the one that would bring us a baby. At that moment, we had no idea it would be such a defining day in our lives. As we soon found out 12 days later, our little embryo was thriving and growing into our sweet baby girl. 

Matt’s parents came over to see Finley and hang out for a bit. His dad went fishing last week and caught some fish, so we did Fish tacos, with instant pot homemade refried black beans and Elote! Everything was SO good. They bathed Finley and put her to bed and went home. 

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