16 Weeks have flown by

The other night we made instant pot spaghetti if you haven’t tried this. It is SO easy; it makes a lot and so good.
Last night was a crazy rain and lightning storm. Love watching it.
I have wanted to get up and go on walks in the morning, but it has been so DAMN hot and humid. This morning, it was only 74 degrees, so I fed Finley, changed her, and headed out. I figured I would have to tackle having Blu myself and Finley in the stroller at some point, got to start somewhere.
One morning we walked around the main drag in the subdivision. It was so nice to get outside and take in some fresh air Finley loved it. As we headed back to the house, Finley was already falling asleep; I put her down for a nap in her crib, she slept for a good 45 minutes then we were back to the crying and not happy. I tried to get her to go back down; Finley wanted nothing to do with that. So I went and got her and let her sit with me at the computer for a little bit, this whole time she is yawn and sleepy I can see. I laid her down in her bassinet and out like a light. I know she feels safe and comfortable in her bassinet; since it’s where she is used to sleeping. Hoping little by little, she’ll get the hang of sleeping in her room.

Each day she is getting more and more used to sleeping in there. I moved her changing table, and all her toys in her room with the hopes it’ll help her get familiar with the surroundings.
This weekend was so much fun. We had Matt’s grandmother come into town she lives in Livingston, TX. Watching Finley and Memaw together just melted my heart. We got lots of good videos of them talking together, and Finley admiring her beauty. We cherish these moments and keep them so close to our hearts. Finley started scooting on her belly and arching her back a lot. She pushes with her legs, and she is SO strong. Matt’s mom said he walked at ten months. CRAP I’m in trouble. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching her grow and show us her personality when she wakes up so happy, and her sweet little face smiles back at you. She is showing so many milestones and growth. My baby girl is growing so fast.

It’s so hard to believe how fats 16 weeks have gone by, recently while messaging with an old friend who has a 10-month-old in disbelief she was already ten months old, I told her to imagine how our parents feel how fast their children grew and now they have grandkids it must feel like yesterday. Life is so short, cherish every moment you have on this earth.

I’m still freaking searching for a “job” I know I don’t want to nor can we afford for me to go back to work in an office. I want to be home with Finley. I want to be the one teaching her numbers, colors, and life skills, not someone else. But what do I do? I have admin, bookkeeping, and many other skills. But we are struggling with how to put me out there and advertise my skills. We have wrapped our brains around what the FUCK do we do? I have had anxiety the last couple nights thinking about it, wondering CRAP, what do we do, how do we make the money we need to survive and do the life we want. Our goal is that by the time Finley is almost two or earlier, we will be out in an RV traveling and renting our house out if we can. I have listened to countless virtual assistant videos, people who sell their courses and documents HOW did they get started? I know to have success, I have to be willing to fail. It’s so scary and challenging when you have so much to lose, or so I feel we do. I know we will figure it out. We have started the T-shirt business to gain some revenue, and we have set up affiliate links.

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