4 Months old (17 weeks)

If you missed Finley’s 16 week update here it is. 16 Weeks have flown by

17 weeks
We are still trying to get this mid-day napping schedule under control. Finley will take a great three hour some times four-hour nap in the morning, and the rest of the day, I’m lucky to get an hour to get things done. Although today she is taking a pretty nice mid-day nap after being up for almost two hours. Fingers crossed.Not much to update on this week.

Finley’s 4 Month check up was good!
Weight: 12.7lbs 14th percentile
Height: 22.75″ 2nd percentile ( she’s going to be a short one like mommy)
We talked about food!! So exciting something I have been waiting for and have been SO excited to begin.

Saturday we gave Finley her first cereal, lets just say we have a drama queen on our hands. Instead of trying to explain how it went. I’ll insert the photos !

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