18 -20 Weeks of Finley

Hello everyone! It’s becoming hard to update every week, but I’m doing my best. Not much is changing every week. 

If you missed Finley’s four-month update here, it is: 4 Months old (17 weeks)

This week she has become even more dramatic with her cereal. It’s like now she knows the high chair means that nasty cardboard tasting shit mom keeps trying to feed me. Maybe if I refuse, she’ll give me my bottle, and I’ll be happy. It’s now to the point I can’t let her see me make her breakfast or let her see her bottle before. She’s growing so fast, and she is beginning to sit up so much better with help, of course, giggles so much, she is starting to recognize voices when she hears them on the phone. When she wakes up in the mornings, I love how she does a BIG stretch and then gives you the sweetest look with her eyes., then smiles so big. I’m so excited to start puree food with her and get those funny faces. 

Cereal is getting better with each day. This week we spent lots of time with family! 

 We headed to her first birthday party on Saturday for her cousin. Sweet Jack’s 1st birthday. The only family of which we knew had been nowhere and that we would all be safe. We headed to the beach after the party for a nice weekend getaway. The weather was beautiful in the mornings, that is. Of course, we are in Houston, so it’s humid as hell. 

We started with green beans for three days; at first, it was the face of what the HELL are you trying to feed me, then it went to ok, feed me I’m hungry then ok I’m over this where is my bottle. She finished the green beans, and we moved on to carrots. Those we a different ball game, She was not a big fan of them whatsoever. Can I say why the heck do they have to have baby food that stains the shit out of clothes? UGH, as if there wasn’t already enough laundry to do. Moving along, She loves sweet potatoes. I have started changing her out of her PJ’s and into a plan white onesie to eat breakfast and using the same bid each morning, so I’m only messing up one thing and not all of her clothes. Why I didn’t think of this from the get-go, who knows, YES, I know many will say feed her with only a diaper. YA, well, I like to be comfy when eating and not cold, so I feel she is the same way. 

We had Memaw stay with us for a couple of days, which has been so much fun. She is a real natural when it comes to babies. Finley enjoyed her time. It was so fun watching them interact with each other and Finley giving her such big smiles. I took Memaw over to Matt’s sister’s house Thursday morning to spend some time over there before she went home Sunday. 

It has been so much fun watching Finley hit milestones and plays with some of my old toys my mom saved from when I was a baby. Like the pink Lolly Dolly from Fisher-Price of which they discontinued. I used to have one just like it. My mom bought two of them when way back when I would have one to give to my daughter one day. She’s playing with the little hound dog, one of my absolute favorite stuffed dogs I had as a little girl. She’s begun rolling to her side with a bit of help from back to belly and belly to back. She also loves scooting on her stomach in a circle. We spend most mornings sitting outside watching the birds and squirrels.

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