Three Month update!

Well, you guys the Holidays got the best of me, and it feels like these past three months have literally flown by in a blink of an eye. Anyone else feel that way?

October 2020

October was a fun month for us, Finley’s personality is beginning to really shine through. She is SO giggly and happy. She loves spending lots of time outside listening to birds and watching them fly by. The trees make her laugh. We have also been trying to take a walk at least 3 times per week to get some fresh air. This is the month she REALLY began to sit up on her own and not fall over.

We have tried lots of new foods, from carrots to apples and everything in between to turkey and chicken. She’s figuring it out. We will begin solids in a couple of months.

Butternut Squash!

She loves reading her books and playing with her puppy Blu! Along with that she loves taking pictures and hanging out with us in the kitchen while we cook. Maybe she will be a chef one day!
It was so much fun celebrating her FIRST Halloween! Even though she has no idea, it was still fun to get her all dressed up and hang out!

November 2020

This month was fun as we round the corner of the most wonderful time of the year!
Finley’s personality has began to blossom, she is so giggly and fun! We are slowly getting the hang of eating “real” foods, she stills gets a little fussy at times. she will get there.

So crazy how fast the time is going she is already 7 Months old. Not crawling just yet but we know it won’t be long. Right now she likes to scoot on her belly.

She loves going to the beach house, feeling the wind and watching Mr. Blu run everywhere. We also had our first play date with her cousins, and mommy got some adult down time with Stacey! Well we tried.

Since COVID isn’t going anywhere any time soon, we spent Thanksgiving just us at home , but facetimed with all our family! She is loving the phone since it’s the only way she sees other people. So sad she thinks that it’s normal. I do fear the lack of interaction and what that can do to a developing brain.

Cousins Dana and Taft were in town one week and we headed straight from the beach house to where they were staying to spend some time with them. They were able to quarantine before we came! She loves her Dana and is still a little unsure about Taft, but took her no time to warm up to him the next morning.

December 2020

We followed the trend and put our Christmas tree up early.
To see Finley’s face with all the lights and decorations is something Matt and I have been waiting for, for so long! She was in awe of everything. I know Finley has no idea about what Christmas is and how joyful it is, I know next year will be different.

We had lots of fun this month and lots of firsts !

For Christmas we split it up this year, typically we have everyone come over to the house and celebrate together, but with COVID still how it is and wanting to be extra safe we felt Id be best to do it the way we did.

We went over to Matt’s sisters with his parents and Memaw, to celebrate with them on Christmas day! All the kids had super cute matching PJ’s we ate, laughed a lot and played some games. It was so nice hanging out. Weather was beautiful in the high 60’s! Shorts and T-shirt Christmas! Once we got home Miss Finley decided that would be the moment she would begin to crawl! Christmas Day! Once she realized she could crawl it was over. So cute watching her little butt wiggle down the hall.

Finley Met Santa the only way we could, and that was by a drawing on a fence in our neighborhood done by a neighbor. @chalkonista ( go check her out). Memaw and I did her nails, she was so happy and loved them! She chose Dallas Darling from my Color Street stash!

We went to my grandparents grave site as we do every year, with my parents and this was the first time my brother had been able to meet Finley in person. Still having to socially distance our selves, but nonetheless it was such an incredible time and seeing my brother melt over her was priceless.

This red dress she is wearing was my Christmas dress from when I was her age! It’s so special my mom kept clothes of mine, that I now get to put on Finley!

Finley also saw her very first Firetruck and boy was it loud, every year our neighborhood has the fire department come through sirens and all with Santa waiving!

Just a few more from December that I couldn’t pass up sharing.

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