Live a Life with purpose

Do you ever feel like you can't breathe that your suffocating in your life? Anxiety takes over. I had felt this way for the last six years at a job I forced myself to say I "really" enjoyed being at when in all reality. I was only comforted by the constant paycheck. To be shown … Continue reading Live a Life with purpose

How is she already 3 Months old?

Monday- 7/27/2020I woke up thinking WHOA where has the time gone. It feels like yesterday we were preparing for our fourth transfer without knowing if it would work. Matt and I looked through photos of when I was pregnant with her, and we both said, man, I can't even remember that or what it feels … Continue reading How is she already 3 Months old?

Confessions of breastfeeding moms

We often get lost in the joy of being pregnant, the thought of being a new mom. It's not talked about how much weight and the struggle some women go through. We put on our shoulders the stress of the world. We want what's best for our new baby. How many of you have talked … Continue reading Confessions of breastfeeding moms

Crying over spilled milk…

Crying over spilled milk? It's normal, right? It has to be. I spilled a whole bottle 50% breastmilk 50% formula. To see that milk spilled all over the counter as my eyes filled with tears, hit me like a ton of bricks. Triggering guilt and a sense of selfishness. I couldn't finish fixing the bottle. … Continue reading Crying over spilled milk…

Our Breastfeeding Journey

What they don't tell you about breastfeeding!It's fucking hard. It's no walk in the park. Nobody tells you just how painful breastfeeding is. You see all these pictures of moms nursing their babies smiling and happy as can be. The truth is those pictures could be in the beginning days were mom is still running … Continue reading Our Breastfeeding Journey