Three Month update!

Well, you guys the Holidays got the best of me, and it feels like these past three months have literally flown by in a blink of an eye. Anyone else feel that way? October 2020 October was a fun month for us, Finley's personality is beginning to really shine through. She is SO giggly and … Continue reading Three Month update!

Life Update!

If you missed our last update you can see it here! Finley is Five month old I haven't posted here in a while. It's been a crazy hectic time. We have recently transitioned Finley from her bassinet in our bedroom to her crib at night. Let's say mama has anxiety and is trying to "let … Continue reading Life Update!

18 -20 Weeks of Finley

Hello everyone! It's becoming hard to update every week, but I'm doing my best. Not much is changing every week.  If you missed Finley's four-month update here, it is: 4 Months old (17 weeks) This week she has become even more dramatic with her cereal. It's like now she knows the high chair means that nasty … Continue reading 18 -20 Weeks of Finley

Expect the unexpected

If IVF has taught us anything, its to expect the unexpected. No matter what your birth plan might be, know it's OK if it changes.You can go your whole adult life thinking and dreaming of how you want or think it will go. But you truly have no idea until you are there; In the … Continue reading Expect the unexpected

Confessions of breastfeeding moms

We often get lost in the joy of being pregnant, the thought of being a new mom. It's not talked about how much weight and the struggle some women go through. We put on our shoulders the stress of the world. We want what's best for our new baby. How many of you have talked … Continue reading Confessions of breastfeeding moms

Crying over spilled milk…

Crying over spilled milk? It's normal, right? It has to be. I spilled a whole bottle 50% breastmilk 50% formula. To see that milk spilled all over the counter as my eyes filled with tears, hit me like a ton of bricks. Triggering guilt and a sense of selfishness. I couldn't finish fixing the bottle. … Continue reading Crying over spilled milk…

31 Weeks of Finley

31 Weeks as of Sunday March 1, 2020! In the world of Finley this week This week Finley is roughly the size of a coconut not sure what coconut is ranging 16-17 inches but yea. Weighing in at around 3 and a half pounds. She will continue to pack on the weight about a half … Continue reading 31 Weeks of Finley

25 Week Update!

Finley update for 25 weeks! This week Finley is roughly the size of an eggplant ( yuck since pregnancy I cannot stand eggplant), or the size a of a cute little prairie dog! Finley is about 14 inches tall and weighing in at about two pounds! This week as her lungs continue developing from inhaling … Continue reading 25 Week Update!

24 Week Update/ Flashback to 2019

Hello Friends!!! Today is a very special day, flashback to January 13, 2019, Matt and I woke up that morning ready to go! We were nervous, anxious, but yet feeling a bit of deja vue since on this day we would be heading into our 2nd egg retrieval. I remember this day like it was … Continue reading 24 Week Update/ Flashback to 2019